Mary Rand Sets Her Sights on Bigger Mountains, Steeper Lines, and Untracked Powder

Mary Rand has always been a force to be reckoned with. From a young age, she was often the lone girl lapping the park amidst a group of guys, easily holding her own while honing her edge control on the hardpacked slopes at Yawgoo Valley, Rhode Island and Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. It was on the East Coast’s finest corduroy that Mary developed her love of riding, sharpening her skills with constant park laps and becoming a formidable jibber and jumper before graduating high school. Her passion for standing sideways and penchant for tricks steeped with style led her into the streets of the Northeast and beyond, garnering her acclaim for her succinct rail riding along with a coveted Rookie of the Year award at the TWSnow Riders Poll in 2014 and followed up with the Reader’s Choice award in 2015—a feat only one other woman has done, ever. Her momentum has only continued to build from there. In 2016, she headed into the backcountry, tackling the Eastern Sierra on her splitboard and exploring the Cascades around her home base at Stevens Pass. Last season, Mary dropped in on a snowmobile, set up her powder board and spent the winter traversing the off piste. When it comes down to it, no matter the terrain that Mary drops into, her tenacious abilities and infectious spirit are apparent with every turn, slash, and spin. Now, after joining the 686 team a year ago and officially becoming part of the Arbor squad this past month, Mary is poised to drop into her best season yet—something we will likely continue to proclaim for years to come as this native New Englander keeps upping her own personal ante, setting her sights on bigger mountains, steeper lines, and of course, untracked powder. Stay tuned on October 18th, when Mary’s season story video drops right here and provides a peek into the peaks she spent her winter riding in 2017. – Mary Walsh

Mary Rand ripping through Stevens Pass. PHOTO: Erik Hoffman

Over the past few seasons, you have been spending more of your season in the backcountry. What sparked your interest in the off piste and what has the process been like getting more adept at riding backcountry zones?
Yes, that is correct! Many things sparked my interest, but moving to Washington State and basing out of Stevens Pass for the last two seasons gave me the powder bug like no other, something I had never experienced on the East Coast. Immediately, I was hooked. Three seasons ago I filmed my Rendered Useless part, two seasons ago I participated in Kimmy [Fasani]’s Amusement MTN, rode a good amount of powder, completed my level 1 AIARE, and only went on one street trip. This past season, I didn’t go on any street trips and committed my entire season to the backcountry and rehabbing my knee from a surgery in October.
Every aspect of the backcountry intrigues me, not just glorious powder turns (but damn, are they glorious sometimes). So far, the process has been new and exciting, each day offering something different. Overall it’s been extremely fun, challenging, humbling, gratifying, grounding, breathtaking, terrifying, frustrating and tiring. There have been a lot of bails, rolling down the windows, tomahawks, and air chairs. I am infinitely grateful for the amount of selfless mentoring I have been lucky enough to have during this journey.

“Every aspect of the backcountry intrigues me, not just glorious powder turns,” – Mary Rand. PHOTO: Erik Hoffman

This past year you dropped in on a sled, right? You went out with fellow WA local and Vans teammate, Hana Beaman. What was your first season sledding like?

It was interesting sight to see, haha. But, I love it! Definitely challenging for me. Hana graciously came out with me on my second practice day, despite a bad cold she had. She also coached me into catching a minimal amount of air on slushy day in Tahoe, haha.

[embedded content]
[Throwback to Mary’s Rendered Useless part, her new video drops tomorrow!]

Any good sled learning experience stories?

Loading and unloading it from my truck bed was pretty scary, but entertaining for those around me. Right after purchasing it, I flipped it over onto my gravel driveway in an attempt to unload it. Robin [Van Gyn] took me out in Pemberton on my first-ever solo sled ride. Before I had even bought my own sled, she willingly offered hers up to me as a test run. She used Austen’s, and we went out for the day with Ben Girardi. I had absolutely NO idea what to expect. I was pretty much spent by the time we made it to the end of the trailhead and the entrance to the alpine. From there it was a serious struggle; I was pretty much getting stuck every ten feet. Their patience was seriously beyond belief. Robin showed me exactly what it takes to get shit done out there. I will never forget this day or my struggle with this one hill climb in particular. Thank you Robin, I love you!!!!

PHOTO: Erik Hoffman

What are three things you bring with you in your pack when you’re going out sledding or splitboarding?
Avy gear (shovel, probe, beacon), water, and food.

You officially joined the 686 team last season, too. How has it been being a member of their squad and working on the GLCR line with them?
Being on the squad is what I’ve always wished for: a company team that actually gets along, supports and looks out for one another. I learned something in the backcountry from each and every one of them this season. Working on the GLCR line with the designers and engineers is epic, interactive, and function driven. Everyone at 686 fully backs my transition into the backcountry—thanks, guys!!

Have you gotten to spend time in the Washington backcountry with Pat McCarthy?
I spent the majority of my season doing just that. Sarge is absolutely the best. I’m really excited to continue riding with him and working on future endeavors together.

Earlier this month at the Cosa Nostra premiere, Arbor officially announced you as the newest member of their team. Are you excited to be a part of their program?
I am absolutely enthused to be representing Arbor. Since day one (20 years ago), they have been giving back to the environment through their “Returning Roots” initiative, something I feel very strongly about.

Joining Arbor, you’re reunited with Marie-France Roy, too, who you were teammates with when you were coming up back East. You guys must be hyped. Are you planning any trips to BC to get into the Whistler backcountry with her?
Of course I am over the moon to be reunited with MFR! We haven’t discussed any BC trips, but we did discuss a trifecta Hawaii trip….

What projects did you work on last season?

I had the opportunity to work on 686’s short film Rabbit Hole (dropping this fall) and a personal season story edit with a local WA filmer (also dropping this fall on TWS).

Mary flying through turn four at Mt. Baker. PHOTO: Erik Hoffman

You’ve always been involved in bringing women further into the snowboarding community, as well. You’ve coached the BTB Droppin’ In at Loon many times, crewed up at Kimmy Fasani’s Amusement MTN and last year, held a ladies’ ride day at Stevens Pass with 686. Why do you feel like it’s important to continue to be involved in events and experiences like this every season?
After making it this far I want to spread the joy of being outside on snow to as many people as I can, no matter who they are. I remember each and every last person who shared that experience with me. It feels so good to guide and pass my confidence on to others.

Temps are dropping, snow is starting to fall in the mountains. As the season readies to begin, can you tell us about some of your plans for this winter?
I’m planning to take the level 1 AIARE course in WA, participate in 686’s avy course at Baker, film a bit for Vans with Hana and Leanne [Pelosi], participate in the spring portion of Amusement MTN, coach at a BTB event (or two), host another Stevens Pass community ride day, continue discovering the backcountry and both seize/share as many opportunities and experiences I can.

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Yes! It’s really true, here comes The Book of John J Season 2!

In an ongoing quest for personal evolution, pro snowboarder John Jackson unites with top athletes across the action sports world to examine the steps of progression. Egos are destroyed, new levels of sport are reached, and enlightenment is the goal. With a voiceover that sounds like the cowboy from The Big Lebowski, we are stoked to see what John J has in his back pocket for season two. Check out the highly regarded season one episodes here.

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Details about this year’s Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado, taking place December 14-17.

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Big Lines with Jamie Anderson and Sarka Pancochova at Cardrona

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Union Flite Pro: 2017-2018 Binding Lookbook

Loose and surfy, Johnny O’Connor‘s go-to bindings are f****** light. Just like Young JOC, they kick ass in the park. The CP1 highback and baseplate are designed for a natural, surfy feel while riding, and they come with universal discs. Duraflex Nylon is specifically designed for colder temperatures, offering serious levels of strength and longevity. Union offers three mean colorways and of course, the security of a lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $149


-CP1 Highback

-UltraGrip Toe Straps

-Duraflex Nylon

Johnny O’Connor. Portsmouth, NH. PHOTO: Cole Martin


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HYPED: Dakine Reverb Hoodie

Dakine Reverb Hoodie – MSRP: $175

Dakine is setting the bar high for midlayers with their Reverb Hoodie. It sports a clean, classic look with all the warmth and tech you could want in an everyday piece. Water repellant micro ripstop polyester makes up the outer material, and PrimaLoft Silver Eco Insulation will keep you warm without the bulk, perfect for wearing on its own or underneath a shell. It’s even built with 70% post-consumer recycled materials for all the environmentally-conscious shredders out there.

This tailored fit hoodie will keep you warm while still remaining lightweight. Chapstick and money will remain right where you want them with zippered chest and hand pockets, and the zip chest pocket comes strapped with audio routing. A stretch binding on the helm will make sure the warmth stays in and the powder stays out. Convenient, comfy, and casual.
The craziest thing about this hoodie—it comes with a built-in stuff sack for tucking into a packable, travel-friendly neck pillow. You’ll be able to bring it on every trip, no matter how packed out your luggage is. It’s a serious travel game changer. Pick one up today for yourself and stay stoked all season. 

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The Smith team is stacked, and so is the new Smith Code snowboarding helmet, complete with Koroyd.

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Arcadia and More at Snowboard On The Block 2017

Words| Julia Spadaro   Photos| Mark Clavin

The local Colorado snowboard community came out in droves to watch the newest snowboard films, support the industry, and kick off the season in Denver’s Sculpture Park for Snowboard On The Block 2017 this past Saturday.

Frank April hands out a skateboard as a prize prior to the Arbor “Cosa Nostra” premiere.

The crowd gathers for the start of Arcadia.

With five movies playing and two bands headlining, dozens of tents, and plenty of beer, there was no shortage of entertainment. The Method Movie 2 started the afternoon, followed by Arbor’s Cosa Nostra, TransWorld’s own Arcadia, Absinthe Film’s Turbo Dojo, and SNOWBOARDER’s Pepper to close out the premieres for the fifth installment of the highly anticipated annual event.

Check out the intro to Arcadia here!

Halldor caught picking his nose at Snowboard On The Block 2017.

This year showcased one stage for entertainment, whereas in previous years, there were multiple theaters playing films at the same time and festival goers had to choose where to designate their attention. Crowds gathered on the grass to view the movies throughout the evening and judging by the collective sounds of excitement at each major part and Eddie Wall’s natural talent as a Master of Ceremonies, it’s safe the say the people were stoked.

The Murder City Devils and Vandals provided the musical entertainment for the evening.

Two for Ten! $2.00 10 Barrel beers that is.

Live music and sunshine kept energy levels up and morale high, with shoulder-to-shoulder attendance for performances by The Murder City Devils and The Vandals. People flocked to the Hornitos hut, the Fireball tent and all of the beer gardens, especially when 10 Barrel Brewing gave out $2 beers for a quick 30-minute window. Food stands on the way in ensured people didn’t get too tipsy by supplying delicacies like East Coast style pizza and delicious crepes.

Many brands came out to hold it down at their booths with product displays and awesome sales including Arbor, Bataleon, Skullcandy, and BOA. By the time the sun set, Sculpture Park held the biggest lot of people seen all day.

It was a pretty good night for Jack Wiley, who won a heli trip courtesy of Eagle Pass Heli.

After the event came to a close, downtown Denver bars proved to entertain some killer afterparties. Between sunshine, excellent food and drink, kickass movies, and good company, Snowboard On The Block 2017 was a huge success! Check out the intro to Arcadia below and don’t forget to get a copy on iTunes now!

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Too Hard’s “Yas Quain” Teaser

Too Hard has been blasting videos into our feed for a handful of years now, and is showing no sign of stopping soon. We’ve got the teaser for the new movie Yas Quain right here. Check it out.

Featuring Danyale Patterson, Maria Hilde, Corinne Pasela, Marjorie Couturier, Véronique Desrosiers, Veronika Perfilyeva, Melissa Riitano, Madison Blackley, Fancy Rutherford, Christine Savage, Kayli Hendricks, Jenaya Jenkins, Yurika Takizawa, and Eimi Kato.

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One Line with Jamie Anderson and Sarka Pancochova

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Limited Time Only: Mountain High 2017/18 Season Pass Sale

With prices starting at just $299, now is your chance to get unlimited access to all three Mountain High Resorts all season long for an insane price. The best part is no blackouts all season. Located just 20 minutes off the 15 Freeway in Southern California, all of your snowboarding needs are within reach. Mountain High offers day and night riding, along with gear rental, lessons, and tubing options.
Check out the Mountain High season pass sale here.

From beginners to experts, Mountain High has riding for everyone, as well as terrain parks for all skill levels. Featuring world-class jibs and jumps, Mountain High has been a staple in the snowboarding community for the past 20 years!

Mountain High stats:
– Located in Wrightwood, CA, it is Southern California’s closest resort.
– 59 trails
– 14 lifts
– 8,200′ Elevation
– 290 ride-able acres

Check out the terrain parks below:

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Hiromi Takahashi Full Part From All-Women Project “The Uninvited”

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