Mata Ne Teaser – Exploring and Surfing Deep Japanese Pow

Sergi Tarré, Jaume Pons, Charly Ranza, Jordi Brusca, and Pablo Sanchez travel to Japan in hopes of finding a hidden stash and some white waves to slash. Check the teaser for Mata Ne.

Video by Abstract Films.

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DC Announces TRANSITORS Video Series Releasing All Winter

Follow the DC Snowboarding team as they crew up and travel around the globe in a real-time behind-the-scenes “Holy fuck, I wish I was there” look into the blood, sweat, and beers of filming in a constant state of winter transit. Tune in to the TWSNOW + DC Instagram accounts and keep an eye on the site for content releasing all season and to interact with the crew.


A four-part global mini-series featuring live stories, instant content, monthly edits, and complete mayhem.




Fat & Furious: Full Party

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Full Part: Robin Van Gyn in “Depth Perception”—Video Part of the Year Nominee

Not many people can hang with Travis Rice while riding in the backcountry. Robin Van Gyn is not like many people. Spending the past season with Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin and Travice Rice filming Depth Perception in the heart of the wilderness in Galena, BC, the already proven ripper reminded all of us what riding at the top of your game looks like. Robin’s clips are not only worth the watch, but her professional riding peers dubbed them worthy of three nominations in this year’s TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll. Up for Women’s Rider of the Year, Women’s Video Part of the Year, and Readers’ Choice, we aren’t sure what else to say about how insane this part is. Just watch and enjoy.

That is not photoshop. That is Robin Van Gyn dropping a line in Galena, BC. PHOTOL Andy Wright

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Spring Mixtape – Ludvig Billtoft and Sven Thorgren

Some crazy, natural hits in this one, as well as plenty of boosting on manmade setups. Check out Spring Mixtape, a dazzling on-snow duet with Ludvig Billtoft and Sven Thorgren.

Video by Kristofer Falhgren.

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Proof: It’s Dumping in Hokkaido, Japan

Cue the feelings of FOMO. While we’ve had a rather slow start to the season in many parts of Northern America, Japan is enjoying bountiful snow, and epic conditions.

The Hokkaido Backcountry Club, which aims to provide mountain recreation while advocating for expanded backcountry access and safety in Japan, posted a video of it absolutely nuking in Hokkaido, Japan.

The post for the video which you can see above said: “They said on the news last night that Japan is going to experience a heavy snow cold La Niña winter. Conditions so far? “All time” does not do it justice.

With that much snow stacked up, it’s high time to start looking into booking tickets and locking down for your travel plans to the land of the rising sun, and puking powder.

Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to Snowboarding in Japan here.

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Winning Runs: Chloe Kim Takes Gold at First 2018 Olympic Halfpipe Qualifier in Copper, CO

The USA made a huge statement in the women’s halfpipe final this past weekend in Copper, CO. Sweeping the first 2018 Olympic Qualifier on the way to South Korea, Chloe Kim, Maddie Mastro and Kelly Clark, respectively, topped the podium. The field of eight was competitive, but the final result was the same as last year with a win for Chloe in Copper, which seems to be a reoccurring event no matter where the pipe is built. Keep your eyes on all of these women as they throw down at the remaining qualifiers this season. Up next is Dew Tour!

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Winning Runs: Hirano, Ferguson, and White Podium at First 2018 Winter Olympic Halfpipe Qualifier

The U.S. Grand Prix went off this past weekend in Copper, CO, and the highly anticipated halfpipe finals was no exception. With a start list consisting of past gold medalists from the X Games, U.S. Open, and Olympics, everyone had a shot at the number one spot. Scotty James, Gabe Ferguson, Louie Vito, Danny Davis, Raibu Katayama were just some of the big names that stoked the crowd with lofty airs and big spins. In the end, Japanese rider Ayumu Hirano laid down the top run while the United State’s Ben Ferguson and Shaun White added some points to their bid for the selection team landing in second and third place. Check out the video above for the highlights!

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Mike Gray Out of the Park – Full Part 2017

We all know Mike Gray will rip any park setup. But did you know he rips even harder out of the park? Check his 2017 full part for the proof.

Filmed by Paul Heran, Nate Shute, Sammy Spiteri, Jason Manning, Stinky Socks, Wade Dunstan, David Leeland, and bEEF.

Edited by Tom Haraden.

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Mosaic – Antti Jussila and Toni Kerkelä

This is our view of Mosaic. It is a piece of picture produced by arranging together small pieces. Starring Antti Jussila and Toni Kerkelä… Mosaic covers the past 8 years of the two riders filming together, from their times with KBR until today. Enjoy.

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15-Year-Old Reira Iwabuchi Wins Big Air in Copper: Winning Runs

The 2018 Winter Olympic qualifying season has begun, and 15-year-old Reira Iwabuchi had a huge showing in Copper for the US Grand Prix event held this past weekend. Besting the field of US and international heavyweights, Reira took first with a combined score of 169.25 after landing a cab 900 stale and backside 1080 mute in the best of three run format. Following up
on the podium was the United States’ Julia Marino and Norwegian standout Silje Norendal in second and third respectively. Notably just missing the podium was favorite Jamie Anderson, who still is gained points in the race for a U.S. Team spot set to be named at Mammoth Mountain on January 21, 2017.

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Red Gerard – Arcadia Full Part – 48 Hour Exclusive

Enjoy the 48-hour exclusive leak of Red Gerards’s full part from TransWorld SNOWboarding’s latest movie Arcadia.

You might know Red Gerard from his competitive success, especially with the buzz centered around him and the group of up-and-comers looking to make a statement in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but this kid is by no means just hucking it for the hardware. Taking his monochromatic outfit and dynamic riding to the backcountry, Red found gold this past season filming in Montana, Tahoe and Aspen, without any judges in site. In-between watching his drops as he vies for a spot on the Olympic squad, enjoy his sophomore part with TransWorld SNOWboarding, and keep an eye out for whatever he does next.


Red Gerard // Cooke City, Montana // PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Buy the full movie on iTunes here or check it out on Vimeo here!

If you want to watch the part over and over again like we will once the 48-hour exclusive viewing is up, buy the full movie here, featuring Halldór Helgason, Alek Oestreng, BYND X MDLS, Victor Daviet, Jesse Paul, The Manboys, Jordan Small, Victor De Le Rue and Red Gerard.

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Rome Snowboard Team Announced—Dew Tour Team Challenge

This year, competing in their first Dew Tour Team Challenge, Rome looks to make an impact by bringing along heavy hitters to do their bidding. The team includes madman Ozzy Henning for the slopestyle jib portion, Finnish young gun Rene Rinnekangas in Modified Superpipe, and Stale Sandbech will be in the slopestyle jump section, with the same timeless style and deep bag of tricks that earned him an Olympic Silver medal in Sochi. Come witness the Rome team compete for the title in the Dew Tour Team Challenge this December 17th!

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Sunday, Dec 10: Travis Rice films The Fourth Phase, The Art of Flight and Depth Perception FREE on Red Bull TV

Sunday, Dec 10: Travis Rice films The Fourth Phase, The Art of Flight and Depth Perception FREE on Red Bull TV

This Sunday, December 10, Travis Rice is taking over Red Bull TV. This free, live streaming event includes an airing of The Fourth Phase, The Art of FLIGHT, and the Red Bull TV premiere of Depth Perception back-to-back. All three films will stream Sunday evening on Red Bull TV starting at 8PM EST / 5PM PST.

Travis Rice and Robin Van Gyn scouting lines while filming Depth Perception. Photo: Andrew Miller.

Sunday’s full livestream including The Fourth Phase, Depth Perception, and The Art of Flight starts at 8PM EST (New York), 7PM CST (Chicago), 6PM MST (Denver) and 5PM PST (Los Angeles). The weekend’s are busty this time of year so set a reminder now to tune in at

Travis Rice in Depth Perception airing this Sunday on Red Bull TV. Photo: Andrew Miller.

In addition to Sunday evening’s special event, Red Bull TV will stream Depth Perception, Travis Rice’s latest feature from Quiksilver with Robin Van Gyn, Bryan Fox, and Austen Sweetin, for free all day on December 10th. Depth Perception Trailer:

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C Sessions 8.0 – Johnny O’Connor, Cole Navin, Frank April, and More

It’s back to business at Mt. Snow’s Carinthia Parks. Visitors and locals have assembled to keep our brains melted and astonishment high.

Featuring Johnny O’Connor, Sébastien Picard, Frank April, Phil Jaques, Jake Gaudet, Levi Gunzburg, Cole Navin, Shaun Murphy, and Alex Atno.

Video by Devin Bernard.

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Snowboarding, Surfing And The Culture Of Yesterday

Snowboarding, Surfing And The Culture Of Yesterday

Bryan Fox explains the motivation behind his latest project.

Boards. Water. Slopes and speed. Snowboarding and surfing are born from the same simple formula. But somehow, their cultures found a way to grow apart. They spawned different industries. Different ideals. Different concepts of how things should work at pretty much every level.

A simple, timeless Method with Bryan Fox. // Japan // PHOTO: Bob Plumc

These days, though, things are changing. There are more snowboarders taking an interest in surfing and more surfers taking an interest in snowboarding. And suddenly, the cultures seem closer than ever.

Yesterday // Japan // PHOTO: Bob Plumb

Bryan Fox’s latest project, Yesterday, is a good representation of that. The film features three road trips in three different countries, a lot of pure snowboarding and even one quick wave. I called Bryan to ask him about the fusion of snow and surf and what we can learn from it all.

And as far as the riding goes, his overall message was resounding — just because something is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be highly enjoyable. And now enjoy the interview below.

Bryan Fox in Japan // PHOTO: Bob Plumb

Tell us about Yesterday.
BRYAN FOX: I wanted to keep it simple. Whenever I put out content, my whole goal is to make people want to go snowboarding. Yesterday is the sum of three different road trips, so I guess I wanted to inspire people to go on road trips with their homies and have some fun.

How were the trips?

Each of them was cool in its own way. In Japan, we rented a van in Sapporo and drove up the coast to Rishiri Island. There were no hotels or restaurants open, so we slept in the van and would eat, charge batteries and warm up at a gas station. Oregon was cool because we climbed Mt. Hood and camped near the top, then rode down and went surfing. And in New Zealand, we had a full plan but then Yoder met a guy hitchhiking the first day who happened to work for a heli-boarding company and offered to hook us up. So we literally changed all of our plans and did that.

We’d be stoked on a trip to Japan too if we could turn like this. // PHOTO: Bob Plumb

Alex Yoder and Bryan Fox // New Zealand // PHOTO: Bryan Fox

Climbing Mt. Hood. // Mt. Hood, OR // PHOTO: Bryan Fox

The film has a really surfy feel to it — you even put a wave in there. Is that what you were going for?
Yeah, in a way. I can say that we intentionally didn’t put any real tricks in it. We wanted to see if we could make a short film just riding down the hill. And according to most of the people I’ve talked to about it, it’s coming across in the way we hoped: simple. I think it’s cool that people are calling it surfy.

What inspired that?
Probably some of the super-tech shit that hinders snowboarding culture from moving forward because it’s so acrobatic. That stuff is crazy to watch and I love that it exists, but it seems like they’re trying to make snowboarding a viewer-oriented sport instead of a cool activity that people can participate in. And there’s no culture that comes with that. There’s nothing for people to identify with. So I wanted Yesterday to sort of be an antithesis to all that.

“We wanted to see if we could make a short film just riding down the hill.” // PHOTO: Bryan Fox

Do you feel like snowboarding and surfing are getting more similar?
There are definitely more people doing both now. I think a lot of ideas are crossing over, too. I have this line of boards with Nitro called the Quiver. The concept is to have options that you’re meant to ride in different conditions, which is a complete rip-off of surf mentality. And I think snowboarding culture is becoming like surfing in the sense that you can age with. You can have fun and love it without having to do crazy shit. That’s one of the coolest things about surfing. A 70-year-old can enjoy the ocean just as much as a 12-year-old. Now, more people are realizing that you can be old and have a great time just riding a board down a mountain. I love that.

One person that truly enjoys riding down the mountain—Austen Sweetin. // PHOTO : Bryan Fox

How are snowboarding and surfing alike?
They relate a lot more to each other than either of them do to skating because they’re both so dependent on weather occurrences. It keeps you way more into it because it’s futile. You have to go when it’s good because it might not be good again for a while. It’s like a human nature hunting thing — it makes it more rewarding.

Bryan Fox // Japan // PHOTO: Bob Plumb

What about in terms of the actual feeling?
Riding power can be somewhat similar, but people try to compare more than they should. There is something about riding natural terrain though — it’s real spur of the moment. You can’t plan what’s going on and you have to react instantly. There are times when you end a wave or a line and are like woah, I can’t believe that actually worked out.

In surfing right now, wave pools are getting popular and people worry that the sport will become routine-based and suffer as a result. Do you think there’s a parallel there with snowboarding?

100%. Parks gave us an era of all these crazy robot kids in snowboarding. They might have a board on their feet, but what they’re doing is more like gymnastics than anything else. Now there might be a generation of weird jock kids in surfing. I don’t know if it will hurt the sport though. In the end, it’ll probably just inspire the other side more. That’s what happened in snow. It gave people a reason to say fuck that, that’s not my culture and push things in the other direction.

We hope to see more of this in the near future. // New Zealand // PHOTO: Bryan Fox

How has your appreciation of snowboarding changed over the years?

You go through phases. Sometimes you get bored with it, then you get rejuvenated — it’s like a relationship. But right now, I enjoy it as much as I ever did. With all the fucked up things going down in the world, it’s good to have activities that enable you to fully check out, to be in that moment and not have to think about anything else.

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Marion Haerty Explores Big Backcountry Lines in New Short Film

Marion Haerty takes “earn your turns” to a new level.

Big mountain riding takes a certain type of person. One who is willing to hike long hours to reach the pinnacle of a peak, for one long line. Though at times, the output to reach the goal can seem arduous and potentially not worth it, it always is.

Marion Haerty caught the big mountain bug, and has been pursuing lines throughout the grand peaks in her backyard of Chamonix. Once a competitor within the slopestyle scene, she traded icey park jumps, for extensive backcountry and mountaineering lines.

Propelled by her taste for this type of snowboarding, she broke into the Freeride World Tour and claimed the overall title last year.

Now as she sets her sights on this season, she released the above video, and chatted with us about what continues to drive her, and provides advice for ladies looking to get into the backcountry.

-What are your plans for this upcoming season?
I will continue to ride on the Freeride World Tour, there are 5 different stops, Hakuba (Japan), Kicking Horse (Canada), Fieberbruun (Austria), Vallnord (Andorra) and Verbier (Switzerland).
I really hope to be able to use my past of riding freestyle, to help do tricks during competitions in the future. I look to explore my freeriding skills by pushing my mind and my body to the limit and seeking new levels. I’m also keen to expand my skill set with a view to future big mountain adventures and to make videos with Yucca!

-Why are you drawn to big mountain riding?
It’s hard to explain those amazing feeling about what is to ride big mountain for me. I can use this ‘fire of energy’ that I can feel when I step onto a snowboard and enjoy the freedom of competing on the World Tour. When I can choose my own lines to embrace my creative instinct, and showcase my full range of abilities to ride natural features.

-Out of all of the lines you rode last season, what was your favorite, why?
My favorite line was surely during a day in Chamonix with a bunch of good friends, bluebird, fresh powder, steepness and new things to learn about ropes!

-What was the most dangerous, or scary line you rode last year, why?
During the beginning of the last season I went for the first steep couloir of my winter by splitboarding, a part of the way to reach the top of this couloir was super icy, steep and I was lazy to put my crampons for only 20meters…. I slipped and it was not possible to stop. Thanks to some old tracks with the help of my turns, I found away to avoid the rocks in the bottom.

– What advice do you have for girls looking into getting into bigger terrain and riding more consequential lines?
Taking time for going step by step, having some training for a beacon’s search, don’t hesitate to seek advice from expert mountain people if you have any questions. Try to know where you want to go before to ride your line, listen to your instinct if you don’t feel comfortable to follow your crew, be focused when you feel the danger, and have more fun than you think you can!

From Marion Haerty:
There are many ways to practice snowboarding, different terrains, different feelings. Marion Haerty talks about her experiences and her career, from the terrain park in Chamrousse to the steep couloirs of Chamonix, from slopestyle  ontests to the Freeride world champ tittle.

Filmakers : Thomas guerrin & Pierre Cadot
Snowboarder : Marion Haerty

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Yo No Sé – Snowmass Mini Park with the Knuckle Draggers

Mega moves in the mini park at Aspen Snowmass. The Knuckle Draggers are back for the 2017-2018 season with this initial edit called Yo No Sé. 

Featuring Mark Pinter, Eli Legate, Scott Kloss, Peter Rispoli, Lucas Cardell, Dom Giovanii, Kris Olson, Nick Becker, Mark Noonan, Fred Ables, Robert Petit, and Chad Otterstrom.

Video by Zach Hooper.

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Yesterday by Bryan Fox

Yesterday by Bryan Fox

Snowboarding and surfing are born from the same simple formula. But somehow, their cultures found a way to grow apart. They spawned different industries. Different ideals. Different concepts of how things should work at pretty much every level.

These days, though, things are changing. There are more snowboarders taking an interest in surfing and more surfers taking an interest in snowboarding. And suddenly, the cultures seem closer than ever.

Bryan Fox’s latest project, Yesterday, is a good representation of that. The film features three road trips in three different countries, a lot of pure snowboarding and even one quick wave.

And as far as the riding goes, his overall message was resounding — just because something is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be highly enjoyable.

“I wanted to keep it as simple as possible,” Bryan said. “I picked three locations, got some friends together and went on these road trips looking for good snow. In the end, I hope it just makes people want to have some fun and go riding with their homies.”


Featuring: Austen Sweetin, Griffin Siebert, Alex Yoder
Shot on location in: Japan, Portland, New Zealand.
Filmed & edited: Joe Carlino.
Original score: Piers Baron.
Presented by Quiksilver

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Smith Code – Deconstructed 2017

Sizes: S, M, L
Crafted with MIPS technology and Aerocore construction, this helmet is packed with protection in a low-profile design. Aerocore increases airflow, improves temperature regulation, antifoam capabilities, and enhances impact resistance. Koroyd, a unique honeycomb material, works to absorb impacts and increases airflow through the strategically placed vents. The BOA 360 Fit System allows you to dial in your perfect snugness, and the beanie compatibility and removable goggle clip make it so you can create your own style.

Lightweight In-Mold Construction: Low profile In-Mold designs combine a polycarbonate shell with EPS liner to provide superior impact protection and extreme light weight.

Aerocore™ Construction: Smith’s Aerocore™ design increases airflow, improves temperature regulation and anti-fog capability, and enhances impact resistance. Aerocore™ uses a unique honeycomb material called Koroyd® that is superior for both airflow and impact absorption.

Ventilation: Airflow Climate Control Ventilation – Strategically placed vents give you easy climate control in all conditions. Vent placement maximizes airflow and heat exhaustion in warm temperatures while minimizing undesired cold air drafts.

AirEvac 2 Ventilation – AirEvac 2 drives the warm air away from the goggle through external vents and internal channels in the EPS liner.

Adjustably: BOA® FS360 Fit System – This system uses a full halo design that offers both forward and lateral adjustment, and creates a “floating” effect that eliminates hot spots.

MIPS System Equipped – The shell and liner are separated by a low friction layer that allows the helmet to slide relative to the head in and angled impact.

Wayfinder Strap System Featuring Fidlock® – Functional simplicity, making it easy to use one hand for on and off buckle use.

Removable Goggle Lock
Technical-Knit Liner
Compatible with Outdoor Tech™ Audio Systems – Sold separately.
Safety Standards: ASTM F 2040,CE EN 1077:2007 Class B

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