Girls Who Ride—Nikita and Rude Girls Take G.W.R. Park Session to Sunshine Village

Photos| Jessika Hunter     Words| Jenna “Owner of Dag the Dog” Kuklinski

Last month, the first ever G.W.R. snowboarding event by Nikita Clothing with Rude Girls Snow and Skate took place at Sunshine Village.

The day started off with a gathering of more than 50 girls at the top of Wolverine’s Kids Play Park. The park itself had been designed by Abby Furrer, a manager and buyer at Rude Girls shop, and the participants of the G.W.R. event had exclusive access to it all day. The regular park had been turned into a girls-only snowboarding zone for several hours and the ladies loved it. (Don’t worry folks–there were two other parks that riding patrons could visit on Saturday, Sunshine Village made sure everyone had a great day that day.) The park was the perfect mix of inviting and challenging, and the everyone took to it right away.

Nikita brought out team riders Taylor Elliot, Summer Fenton and Ari Morrone to hang out with the Rude Girls shop team riders and help teach the girls who showed up for the event a new trick or two. Nikita team riders and Rude Girls riders stationed themselves at various features throughout the park, and girls had the opportunity to cruise or session any feature they wanted. The stoke level was at an all-time high, and soon enough girls all throughout the park were pushing themselves and landing new tricks they learned that day, as well as spending time perfecting the tricks they already had in their bag. Everyone was cheering each other on after both hearty slams and victorious lands.

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The morning unfolded into the afternoon, building up a huge hype-fest as the day moved on. The entire group moved further down the park to a lower section with two features- a hip and an Ollie-on rail, primed to perfection by the Sunshine Village park staff.

Nikita and Rude Girls had brought with them loads of goods to giveaway, handing them out for best tricks, for hard slams and for random requests that were shouted out by Nikita team riders. With music blaring and the on-going commentary issuing from the speakers near the Nikita tent, veteran riders and newbies alike threw down on the rail and hip, landing clean front boards, back 3’s, and the occasional seatbelt grab requested by the judges. In addition to the seasoned riding that was seen, there were girls who had never ollied onto a rail before that were greasing it with super clean 5050s. Of course, girls were taking their fair share of slams too, with lots of tacos eaten down the rail (if you know what we mean).

The jam went on for an hour and a half; and even as last drops were getting called, rippers like local Kianah Hyatt were quietly hiking back up the side to try and fit two or three more lines in.

At the end of the jam, everyone was rounded up for the announcement of some special giveaways that needed to get passed out to two girls in particular. There were some standout riders that required some extra recognition (and some new outerwear). Marley Chase and Tess [*NOTE-getting last name] impressed the Nikita team riders so much so that they each earned themselves a brand new Nikita jacket. In addition to the two overall standouts, a new pair of snowboard pants were handed to one of the youngest riders there for best trick at the event- Ava, who is just 10 years old, tried and landed her first ever one-footed air over the hip, taking some inspiration from Taylor Elliot earlier in the day when she was showing the girls a fast-plant off of the dance floor at the top of the park. It was obvious that even though she was small, she had a huge passion for riding already.

Nikita Clothing would like to give a huge shout out to Abby Furrer and all the riders at Rude Girls and Rude Boys in Banff, as well as the mountain staff and accommodations at Sunshine Village for helping make the first ever G.W.R. event such a huge success.

G.W.R. snowboard events will be popping up across the globe soon, so keep an eye out for the announcement of where we’re headed next! We can’t wait to see you out there. #forgirlswhoride

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