Something By The Manboys – 2017 Series Trailer

Just like The Simpsons that inspired the intro, we hope to have seemingly endless seasons of The Manboys. With Something literally about to drop, Jody Wachniak, Chris Rasman, Rusty Ockenden, Matt Belzile, Mark Sollors and the latest addition Eric “E-jack” Jackson are back for their third going on thirtieth season with a weekly web series starting October 20th. It will be hard to find a better video every Friday for the next five weeks that will get you more stoked to ride as the season starts up across North America!

Check back for more as the Manboys drop on the following dates right here on TransWorld SNOWboarding!

Episode 1 – Oct 20th
Episode 2 – Oct 27th
Episode 3 – Nov 3rd
Episode 4 – Nov 10th
Episode 5 – Nov 17th