Snowboarder Wins Gold in Skiing Super-G Against Lindsey Vonn at 2018 Winter Olympics

We normally don’t report on skiing events, but this is just too good to be true. Primarily a snowboarder, 22-year-old Ester Ledecka of the Czech Republic won the women’s super-G gold on skis at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea against Lindsey Vonn and a bunch of other skiers that we have never heard of. Most importantly, she beat Lindsey Vonn, which now makes us understand why Lindsey was so adamant about separating skiing and snowboarding in her statements last year. She was afraid of losing, and that fear has officially come to fruition, getting knocked off the podium and ending up in sixth place while Ledecka claimed gold with a time of 1:21.11.

It was a historic first, marking Ester as the first athlete to ever compete in both skiing and snowboarding at the Olympics, and what a way to come out swinging. Vonn was quoted after saying, “I wish I had as much athleticism as she has that I could just hop from sport to sport and just, like, win everything. But unfortunately, I’m only good at ski racing – and she still beat me.”

The story just keeps getting better. Already focusing on another event, NBC supposedly reported that an Austrian had won, not even giving the 26th position skier a chance to pull off the upset. And then the 26th position skier, or snowboarder we should say (Ledecka), borrowed a pair of American phenom Mikaela Shiffrin’s skis, and proceeded to create arguably the biggest upset of the 2018 Winter Olympics. “I was probably the only snowboarder on site. All the other girls didn’t risk a lot. There must be a lot of pressure on them. I was just trying to do my best run.” -Ester Ledecka.

From all of snowboarding, we would just like to say thanks Ester, and good luck in your next race!

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Boreal Mountain, California: Pop-Up Park Volume 2

Boreal Mountain California has kept spirits high by creating a unique shredder’s paradise called Boreal Pop-Up Park! Pop-Up Park is a One-Of-A-Kind terrain park that only lasts for five days. Boreal invited Northern California’s best jibbers and jumpers for an opening day private shoot followed by five days of shred time for the public to enjoy.

The private shoot started out with coffee and donuts in Moondoes Café, located in Woodward Tahoe. Despite the heavy winds, local rippers such as Nate Haust, Eric Royce, Tim Humphreys and Christian Connors came through ready to put down some hammers in our second ever #BorealPopUpPark! Pizza, from Reno’s best pizza parlor, Noble Pies, kept these boarders fueled throughout the day.

This Pop-Up Park, located on the upper east side of the mountain utilized the Gold Rush Shack as one of the many jumps in the park. From countless innovative railfeatures to crazy tree gaps to endless transitions; this park provided everything to keep you hiking and hot lapping all day. It seemed as though Super Park had found its way to Boreal!

Pros, pizza, doughnuts and terrain parks, what more could you ask for? Don’t snooze, the countdown has begun! You only have this long weekend to experience itbefore it’s gone! More info at

Video features Eric Royce, Matt Shaffer, Jesse Gomez, Skyler Gallardo, Bryce Salazar, Casey Savage, Matt Melo, Nali Prevedel, Tim Humphreys, Christian Conners, and Nate Haust.

Photos by Jake Pollock & Bryce Bartlett.
Edit by Kyle Greene.

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Steve Lauder’s Raw Clips From “All Things Buck”

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Shaun White Wins Men’s Halfpipe Gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Words: Mary Walsh
Photos: Mark Clavin

The mainstream media would have you believe that the men’s halfpipe finals at the 2018 Winter Olympics are a battle of one. A rematch, four years in the making between one American rider and the halfpipe gold that evaded him in Sochi: Shaun White verses the PyeongChang pipe. It’s a story of redemption: Shaun earned gold in Turin in 2006 and in Vancouver in 2010, but wasn’t able to put a podium run together in Russia–he fell on his third and final run. But while Shaun was surely chasing a medal in today’s finals in the Bogwang Phoenix Park in South Korea, his story is one layer within the four years of evolving men’s halfpipe competition that has churned since the last Winter Games and was presented to the world via the whole of the twelve Olympics finals riders from the US, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, and Finland in one of the wildest pipe finals contests to date. And while Shaun’s story is paramount, the overarching theme is that men’s pipe riding is in a very incredible place, one filled with back-to-back double corks alongside massive methods and airs-to-fakie.

As the morning of Wednesday, February 14, 2018 opened up in South Korea, the men’s pipe contest was anyone’s to win and from the very beginning, the riders pulled no punches. Switzerland’s Patrick Burgener put down the first full pull. Japan’s Raibu Katayama and USA’s Chase Josey followed closely behind, moving their way up the ranking. Scotty James broke into the 90’s as the second-to-last in the dropping order when he showed up and threw down a first-hit double cork twelve sixteen feet above the lip, as well as a switch backside double cork twelve on his last hit. He was rewarded for his efforts with a 92.00. Scotty’s reign at the top was brief though, as Shaun White unleashed an enormous double 1440 on the very first wall, kicking off a run that the judges would award a 94.25 and setting the bar very, very high for the remaining two runs. But, even a run that appears practically unbeatable–like Shaun’s first go–is not invincible. On this day in South Korea, the men’s halfpipe pipe finals would be a battle until the end.

Ayumu Hirano burst onto the snowboarding scene in 2011 when, at age twelve, he won the Burton Junior Jam, flying as high as his senior counterparts. In 2013, he competed at his first X Games Aspen, clenching a silver medal. In 2014, he won his first Olympic medal in silver. And since then, Ayumu’s uncanny ability to send it clear into the stratosphere with an unflinching style has earned him not only plenty of podiums, but admiration within snowboarding. As the Japanese rider dropped into the PyeongChang pipe for his second run, he effortlessly floated a giant backside air, back-to-back double 1440’s (frontside to cab) and back-to-back double 1260’s (frontside to double McTwist). The scoreboard flashed 95.25 and Ayumu moved into first, one point in the lead. But again, it wasn’t over.

Watch Ayumu’s silver medal run here:

In likely the heaviest men’s halfpipe contest to date, the top of the podium essentially mandated back-to-back 1440s and back-to-back twelves in a single go. That is a mental concept: two double cork fourteens and two double twelves. During the third attempts, banner runs were put down by Ferguson, Burgener, and Josey–they ended fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. Scotty James’ first run would remain his best and he ended the day with a very respectable bronze medal. Ayumu Hirano tried to better his second run score and advance his lead in his third run, but washed out, leaving an opportunity for White’s final push to regain the lead position. Shaun White performs under pressure, and as the world watched, Shaun dropped, blasted back-to-back 1440’s and followed it up with a double McTwist to a frontside 1260. The run he needed, when he needed it. The judges tabulated their scores: 97.75 and Shaun White had won his third Olympic gold. Redemption had been achieved, Shaun had risen, once again, to the top of the podium, sharing it with two very deserving peers. The collective bar of men’s pipe riding once again raised to an unprecedented level.

Enormous congratulations to every rider who dropped into the PyeongChange pipe and especially to Shaun, Ayumu, and Scotty for adding to their medal collections. Nice work, gentlemen!

Watch Shaun White’s winning run here:

Gold – Shaun White, USA – 97.75
Silver – Ayumu Hirano, Japan – 95.25
Bronze – Scotty James, Australia – 92.00
Fourth – Ben Ferguson, USA – 90.75
Fifth – Patrick Burgener, Switzerland – 89.75
Sixth – Chase Josey, USA – 88.00
Seventh – Raibu Katayama, Japan – 87.00
Eighth – Jake Pates, USA – 82.25
Ninth – Jan Scherrer, Switzerland – 80.50
Tenth – Kent Callister, Australia – 62.00
Eleventh – Yuto Totsuka, Japan – 39.25
Twelfth – Peetu Piiroinen, Finland – 13.50

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Carinthia Parks in December

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Scotty James and Ayumu Hirano Full Qualifying Runs From Men’s Halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Watch Scotty James’ top qualifying run, above:

Qualifying second and third respectively, Scotty James and Ayumu Hirano both put down incredible runs during men’s halfpipe qualifiers at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. We thought it would be worth revisiting them before halfpipe finals go down tonight. Both riders have the ability to make things a lot more difficult for Shaun White to secure gold, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Watch Ayumu’s top qualifying run here:

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Jamie Anderson’s Gold Medal Winning Run from the 2018 Olympic Women’s Snowboarding Slopestyle Finals

After talks of postponing the event went on in the riders tent all morning, Jamie Anderson earned herself not only a victory run in South Korea, but a gold medal to go along with it. Under tough conditions Monday afternoon in PyeongChang at the women’s snowboard slopestyle final of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Anderson went back-to-back from her win in Sochi, keeping her title as the only woman to hold Olympic gold in snowboarding slopestyle. Canada’s Laurie Blouin and Finland’s Enni Rukajarvi rounded out the podium respectively with silver and bronze.

Constantly changing wind conditions were a major story on the day, throwing the women off their lines and even causing big name riders like Aimee Fuller to opt out of hitting the full jump line, due to safety concern. Only five riders from the field of 25 completed a full run on their first attempt, and while that is not all due to wind, it was definitely on the mind of all the riders and media on site, bundled up as gusts touched down and visibly changed riders trajectory. Fuller, and other big name riders like Anna Gasser and bronze medalist Enni Rukajärvi criticized the decision to move forward.

Anderson’s winning run through the jumps–a backside 540, cab underflip and frontside 720–was not her best stuff from this season, but factoring in the weather, consistency proved key and she earned her gold after multiple delays in harsh conditions. Silje Norendal, along with Anderson’s fellow U.S. teammates Hailey Langland and Jessika Jenson sat just outside the podium after being able to put down 1 of their 2 runs on the day, just falling short of the scores they needed to medal. Some of the favorites coming into the final, including Julia Marino, Reira Iwabuchi, Spencer O’Brien, and Gasser, all failed to complete a full run.

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The Sky is Losing His Blue Color – Japan with Markus Keller and Nils Arvidsson

As snowboarders we go to Japan for many of the same reasons, but none of our experiences are the same.

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“The Sky is Losing His Blue Color” – Markus Keller and Nils Arvidsson in Niseko

Filmmaker Pirmin Juffinger follows Markus Keller and Nils Arvidsson through Niseko, Japan. Their journey to the Land of the Rising Sun was made for the same reasons as most other snowboarders, to enjoy powder on their boards and culture on their feet, but this dreamy experience is fully unique to them. Check out The Sky is Losing His Blue Color.

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December in Ontario with Pocket Figures

Ontario street heats with Kody Williams, Martyn Vachon, Joel Vachon, and Quin Ellul.

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DC Transitors in Japan: Mega Gallery with Devun Walsh, Anto Chamberland, Torstein Horgmo, and More

Photos: Andy Wright

We knew it had been dumping in Hokkaido since November, but until you see it in person, it’s hard to explain. We’re definitely not complaining about how much powder there was to be ridden because as the locals say, there’s no such thing as too much snow. Each morning we were greeted by a foot or so of fresh in the driveway, which was promptly shoveled as we packed up the rigs and headed to our daily zone. Spending multiple days at The House of Powder cat operation was an awesome way to kick off the trip. We lapped for hours, only taking short breaks for snacks, defogging goggles, or swapping batteries.

Watch DC TRANSITORS Episode 2 here:

With so many natural features to find and hit, it was almost overwhelming. Our crew consisted of Torstein Horgmo, Anto Chamberland, Devun Walsh, and an additional rider who will remain nameless at this point in time, due to a certain Olympic rule. The core idea behind Transitors is to document the real deal behind a video production, what goes on behind the scenes, after hours, and everything in between. With two weeks to cruise Hokkaido, the crew spent time at The House of Powder, the Niseko United resorts, Rusutsu, and finding their own roadside features. After the pow settled, we came back with one extremely heavy edit that could have easily been twice as long.

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Brand Spotlight: Roxy Outerwear 2018/2019 Product Preview

Product Preview of Roxy’s 2019 Outerwear Line

Roxy is led by a bold group of gals who are not afraid to push riding or style boundaries. Pro Riders Torah Bright and Robin Van Gyn have a heavy hand in shaping the outerwear and board line and it shows. For 2019 the Roxy’s outerwear is focused on more range of motion, built in moisturizing technology and a slew of eco-friendlier manufacturing processes. Roxy’s Hydrosmart moisturizing design puts skin healing fabrics where they’re needed most, in jacket collars around the neck and chin, inside neck warmers and glove and mitt liners.

See the full live video preview here:

Hydrosmart works by enriching the fabric in these areas with micro-capsules filled with calendula extract, pomegranate oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E and more antioxidants. Under normal wear and friction the capsules burst to deliver these healing goods to your skin. The enhanced range of motion comes from tailored fits and mechanical stretch fabrics that let you ride free. On the eco front, Roxy has implemented a number of processes to lessen their impact. Those actions include Repreve fabrics (which turns plastic bottles into polyester), Primaloft Eco insulation, Spindye waterless fabric dye, and Gore-Tex and Roxy PFC free water repellant treatment. Take a look at the styles in store for next season.

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Brand Spotlight: Dragon Alliance 2018/2019 Product Preview

Dragon Alliance 2019 Goggle Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

This new collection marks Dragon’s 25th year of optics. With humble beginnings in a Southern California garage and passion towards snowboarding, surfing and riding dirt bikes, Dragon has created goggles and sunglasses to match these pursuits since day one. Their heritage runs deep in snowboarding and for 2019 they’ve pushed the limit of lens and goggle technology once more. Their new PXV goggle offers unmatched peripheral visibility to eliminate blind spots and deliver a better field of view.

See the live 2019 video preview here:

Their Lumalens technology is now found in every lens tint and proves to increase contrast, enhance depth perception and color recognition, and reduce eye fatigue. Further, their new Lumalens Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions so you never have to swap out dark and light lenses again. With an array of models to fit all faces and a stack of signature team designs, welcome to 25 years of Dragon.

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Brand Spotlight: 686 Outerwear 2018/2019 Product Preview

686 Snowboarding Outerwear 2019 Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

The clothing innovations and partnerships that 686 presents each year are stunning. Their 2019 line is no let down either. They have collab creations with legendary metal band Motorhead, a coozie jacket with Coors Light and a ground-breaking Hydrastash jacket. Beyond snowboarding, they’ve come up with functional and high performance pieces for other outdoor pursuits, too. Their award-winning Gore-Tex Paclite jacket is the “jacket quiver killer” they claim and ready for any adventure.

See the video line preview here:

Their new Everywhere Pant is about the most comfortable pant that can go from backpacking to coffee shop. The new Hydrastash technology introduces a removable water bladder so you can stay hydrated on hill easier. Classics like the Smarty 3-in-1 layering system and Thermagraph insulation technology are still in the line. Take a peek at what 686 has in store for next season here.

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Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Finals: Full Broadcast | X Games Aspen 2018

Watch McMorris, Kadono, Gerard, Kleveland, Corning, and more battle it out for X Games gold!

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Brand Spotlight: Quiksilver 2018/2019 Product Preview

2019 Quiksilver Snowboarding Outerwear Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

Quiksilver has a legacy of supporting boardsports longer than most of us have been riding. From iconic roots in surfing to thirty plus years of mountainwear the brand, riders and designers have been at the heart of it. For the 2019 line Quiksilver focused on flexibility. Working closely with the pro team Quiksilver’s outerwear designers sought to put freedom of motion first by developing new fabrics and working them into their jackets and pants.

Watch the full video preview of the line here:

For Travis Rice’s signature jacket and pants the brand developed a new Mega-Stretch fabric with superior elastic qualities that still retain 30k waterproofing. Numerous other jackets in the line feature additional stretch fabrics and areas to enhance, not inhibit movement. Besides increasing mobility in many jackets, Quik worked on developing CELL technology lining. CELL tech is a unique lining system that uses body-mapped zones of varying breathability and warmth to better regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable. Don’t sleep on Quik’s clean and highly versatile layering pieces made to go from street to mountain and back either. To keep the generations of adventure going Quik implemented Repreve recycled fabrics throughout the collection along with WeaReSpinDye eco-friendly dyes, too.

Brand Spotlight: Never Summer’s Line of 2019 Snowboards

First Look: Never Summer Industries’ 2018/2019 Snowboard Collection

Never Summer has been handcrafting snowboards in Denver, Colorado decades before the snowsports industry descended on the mile high city. Their thirty-four years of board building expertise has led to quite possibly their most diverse line to date. Here’s a look at what they have in store for next season.

See the full video preview of the line here:

Two of the biggest pieces to note are pro models for team riders Chris Corning and Dylan Alito. Corning’s Shaper Twin board is new to the line and features an array of carbon fiber throughout and a fused twin tip and tapered shape. Alito’s Peacemaker board stands out as an all terrain destroyer with a West World-esque graphic, a melding of new and old worlds he sees as a Colorado Native. Never Summer also resurrected the iconic all-mountain Heritage board fresh with new materials and shaping. From the Proto II to the Maverix, the line has big mountain freeride guns, surfy carvers and performance park boards for all riders. Across the line you’ll continue to see Never Summer implementing the best raw materials on the planet with precision craftsmanship into each and every board. Check out the full video preview below, and browse some of our favorites from the line in the gallery above.

Mervin Made – Sawdust to Soil

Mervin takes pride in leaving the smallest footprint possible… not to mention they build their own damn cores! Check in with Pete Saari and the Mervin Made crew to see how your dream board is made. Enjoy!

Check out more about Mervin’s Sawdust to Soil process here!

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Shaun White’s Perfect 100, Shorts and Shades, FSBS1, and More – Last Resort with Stan – Episode 11

December’s dirt has been aired, tune in!

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Last Resort with Stan – Episode 11: December

There’s a lot of talk going on about Shaun White‘s storybook perfect 100 score at Snowmass. Questions are being asked such as, how does a revert fit in to a perfect score? Are we in the midst of conspiracy? See what Stan Leveille has to say in the December episode of Last Resort.

Some of the topics covered in this episode:

Warp Wave’s Off and On.

Fat & Furious’ Full Party.

Snowboarding as a team sport at Dew Tour.

Halldór Helgason’s big year.

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