Future Product: Eight 2019 Snowboard Boots We Like

While wandering the seemingly endless miles of tradeshow aisles at the Colorado Convention Center, we found a grip of boots that should last well beyond the beyond the expiration date of these frayed-lace, flat-soled skate shoes we made the mistake of wearing again. From the massive flexibility offered in Vans’ new linerless option to Salomon’s plush heated model, below are a handful that caught our eye for the coming season.

Vans Hi-Standard Linerless DX

The Linerless Hi-Standard boot that Mike Rav has been buttering around in. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

The linerless boot has gone the way of the landline. Pun intended. But if you’re old enough to remember a time when people communicated via home phone, you might have had a pair. Well, Vans is bringin’ ’em back. Now the softest option in the Vans lineup, this is for those looking for the most minimal in snowboard footwear for maximum tweakability.

DC Tucknee

Backed by Iikka Backstrom, the Tucknee is said to be perfect for just that. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

Looking at the boot and hearing its name, the concept for the Tucknee becomes clear. It’s designed to tweak. Medial–that means toward the middle–flex is enhanced through an asymmetrical lacing pattern, while lateral support is maintained through support in the outside of the boot. Before you know it you could be tweakin’ like Iikka.

adidas Acerra ADV

The Acerra is adidas high-end dual-Boa option tuned for maximum support. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Ever watch Jake Blauvelt enter orbit off a pat-down? The dude needs a boot that holds up to that sort of behavior, and this Acerra is it. With adidas’ cushy yet lively Energy Boost sole adapted from their running shoe line, the Acerra ratchets you into a dual-density liner with two Boa dials, so you’re locked, loaded, and ready to launch.

Salomon Kiana Toast

A heater liner at the push of a button–the Kiana Toast. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The thing about feet and snow is that that one is cold and one gets cold. This boot from Salomon, however, can mitigate one of those things. Press a button and the Kiana will get toasty, as its name suggests. The battery will last through multiple frigid days on-hill on a single charge and, of course, when it’s balmy and there’s no need for subsidized heat you can forget about that feature altogether.

Rome Guide SRT

Rome’s Guide boot gets a design overhaul and an SRT suffix added. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

The Guide has been a rugged force in the Rome line, but this coming season it gets even better, and its performance upgrades translate to improved aesthetic as well. A leather upper is completed with an ultra-durable toe box and an exposed molded backstay. This bad boy is ready for rugged times and ripping.

Nitro Capital

The Nitro Capital, pictured left, is a high-end bombproof boot that should hold up, and provide plenty of traction, wherever you can take it. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

With an optional heated liner, Nitro’s new high-end Capital model can also provide manufactured to heat to your dogs. Durability and customization are the name(s) of the game for the Capital, and with an outer and sole as burly as they come, the Capital should carry you to completion of the most serious missions with support to boot.

Ride Fuse

Lick the Cat gets their own edition of Ride’s popular Fuse boot. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

The Fuse has been a popular model from Ride since it was introduced two seasons ago, and more riders without a boot sponsor are gravitating toward this mid-flexing model with a hybrid of Boa and traditional lacing. For the coming season the Lick The Cat crew gets their own colorway. We’re curious to see whose feet we see the land on next.

K2 Taro Tamai Snow Surfer

Taro Tamai’s Snow Surfer boot from K2 gets even better next season. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Designed with the innovative Taro Tamai, founder of Gentemstick, K2’s Snow Surfer is the first of its kind. A boot designed specifically for the ocean-influenced style of riding that Taro is considered the godfather of. For the coming season, Taro’s boot gets a slight redesign to complete a package that’s becoming ever surfier.

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Future Product: Five Pairs of 2019 Bindings We’re Stoked On

Some like ’em stiff, some like ’em loose, but whatever your preference, bindings are something you want to forget once you strap in. After making our rounds at the tradeshow, we identified five pairs coming out next season that we’re especially hyped to ratchet into.

Salomon District

A thinner highback and stiffened up chassis create an all-new District for the coming season. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Salomon’s unique ShadowFit concept that employs a flexible heelcup to allow for more lateral mobility gets an overhaul for the coming season. Overall, the system is stiffened up. But the bindings in the ShadowFit lineup–District, Defender, Hologram, Quantum, and Mirage–see new straps and/or highbacks as well. In the case of the District, the highback is significantly thinned out, creating an overall lighter binding.

Union Strata

With a completely new baseplate unlike anything we’ve seen before, Union’s new Strata is one of the most exciting bindings being introduced next season. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

The Union Strata is a new addition to the brand’s ever-evolving lineup. Where a typical baseplate is layered–the bushing and baseplate glued together–the Strata uses a direct-injected one-piece system. The material is more rubbery than what we’re used to seeing used for this application, creating an especially damp ride that riders from Jacob Krugmire to Bryan Iguchi are backing.

Nitro Poison

The Nitro Poison is a responsive women’s binding that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Strap into the Poison, and you’re standing on air. Nitro’s Dual Air dampening system puts, you guessed it, air, below your toes and heels, but an adjustable aluminum heelcup and fairly rigid highback provide plenty of power transmission. Nitro calls the Poison “the perfect blend of response and comfort”–a phrase used so often it’s become all but meaningless, however, in this case it actually seems to apply.

Rome Crux

Rome’s Crux is a new freestyle-oriented binding with a price tag we can get behind. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

The Rome Crux and women’s equivalent, the Flare, are a new binding offering from Rome that brings top-of-the-line tech to a binding with lower sticker shock. The bindings feature UnderWrap, where the heelcup ‘wraps under’ the toe of the binding–a design intended to increase edge-to-edge power while allowing torsional flex. Both models also employ Rome’s minimalist single-injection heelstraps.

Bent Metal Logic

Geno’s art is the cherry on top of a comfortable binding for those who don’t like to feel strapped in. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Bent Metal has a made a hell of a comeback since their realaunch in 2016. The Logic is a minimalist option backed by one of the realest in the game, Sean Genovese. What’s equally cool about this soft-flexing freestyle-oriented model is that it features Geno’s art. If you think strapping in is lame, maybe this is the binding for you.

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Brand Spotlight: Roxy Outerwear 2018/2019 Product Preview

Product Preview of Roxy’s 2019 Outerwear Line

Roxy is led by a bold group of gals who are not afraid to push riding or style boundaries. Pro Riders Torah Bright and Robin Van Gyn have a heavy hand in shaping the outerwear and board line and it shows. For 2019 the Roxy’s outerwear is focused on more range of motion, built in moisturizing technology and a slew of eco-friendlier manufacturing processes. Roxy’s Hydrosmart moisturizing design puts skin healing fabrics where they’re needed most, in jacket collars around the neck and chin, inside neck warmers and glove and mitt liners.

See the full live video preview here:

Hydrosmart works by enriching the fabric in these areas with micro-capsules filled with calendula extract, pomegranate oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E and more antioxidants. Under normal wear and friction the capsules burst to deliver these healing goods to your skin. The enhanced range of motion comes from tailored fits and mechanical stretch fabrics that let you ride free. On the eco front, Roxy has implemented a number of processes to lessen their impact. Those actions include Repreve fabrics (which turns plastic bottles into polyester), Primaloft Eco insulation, Spindye waterless fabric dye, and Gore-Tex and Roxy PFC free water repellant treatment. Take a look at the styles in store for next season.

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Six 2019 Snowboards We Like

Photos: Mike Yoshida

After riding a handful of next season’s best snowboards, here are several we’re hyped on.

The most fun part of the annual snowsports tradeshow that goes down each January in Denver is not in Denver. It is the on-snow demo portion that takes place at Copper Mountain. The chance to be in the mountains and ride the upcoming season’s product is a welcome reprieve following days of fluorescent lights that bleed into neon ones during late nights. On the days following those spent in the convention center talking about snowboarding we did some of that and found a ton of rigs we’re psyched on for the 2018/2019 season. Below are six of them.

Salomon Speedway

Built with Nils Mindnich’s style of riding in mind–fast is probably the best way to describe it–the Speedway is stiff, narrow, and ready to point it. Shunning the stubby ‘size down’ trend seen over the last five years, the Speedway is actually designed to be ridden longer than your standard board. It rode aggressive, held its edge, and felt increasingly comfortable the more gas we gave it. This board means business and performs best with the throttle wide open.

Bataleon Goliath BYND x MDLS

Bataleon boards are not like the others. The brand’s unique Triple Base Technology, 3BT for short, lifts the contact points of the board. The result takes a run or so to get used to, but once you understand its advantages, it can be quite confidence inspiring. The Goliath felt catch-free across the mountain, in the park and out, and its mid flex seemed appropriate everywhere we took it, which makes sense given the riding style of the man endorsing it–Tor Lundstrom.

Never Summer Insta/Gator

Part of Never Summer’s Shaper Series, a surf-inspired collection of boards designed to be ridden accordingly and made in the brand’s Colorado factory, the Insta/Gator is intended to be ridden 10 centimeters shorter than your traditional board. 12 centimeters of taper compensate for lack of length in terms of float, but that same absence of centimeters creates a nimble ride that spins like a top and dips through the trees with ease.

Lib Tech Tittyfish

Mervin Manufacturing is undeniably among the most innovative brands–or three brands–in snowboarding. But what about those who appreciate Lib Tech’s bombproof made-in-the-USA construction yet want to ride a fully regular rig: traditional camber with radial sidecut and no Magne-Traction? Jamie Lynn is one of those people, and the Tittyfish is one his boards. It’s got a weird nose and a regular design. A little taper and a lot of rigidity. It’s the type of board you take to Baker to point it.

DC Ply

The DC Ply is a park board, but it can do more than that. Its predominantly positive camber profile–it has a bit of early rise–helps it hold an edge on hardpack like some of its noodley counterparts can’t. We ripped slashes, snapped ollies, and pressed rails and couldn’t find much that it didn’t like. Its sub $400 price tag makes the deal even sweeter.

Burton Stungun

The Stungun is a mashup of just about every board in Burton’s Family Tree line. And with its wide, spooned out nose and short stubby tail this thing is designed to float. Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience that, but what we did realize is that the Stungun is fun just about anywhere you take it. It’s the mark of a great powder board because fresh snow doesn’t fall every day.

Brand Spotlight: Dragon Alliance 2018/2019 Product Preview

Dragon Alliance 2019 Goggle Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

This new collection marks Dragon’s 25th year of optics. With humble beginnings in a Southern California garage and passion towards snowboarding, surfing and riding dirt bikes, Dragon has created goggles and sunglasses to match these pursuits since day one. Their heritage runs deep in snowboarding and for 2019 they’ve pushed the limit of lens and goggle technology once more. Their new PXV goggle offers unmatched peripheral visibility to eliminate blind spots and deliver a better field of view.

See the live 2019 video preview here:

Their Lumalens technology is now found in every lens tint and proves to increase contrast, enhance depth perception and color recognition, and reduce eye fatigue. Further, their new Lumalens Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions so you never have to swap out dark and light lenses again. With an array of models to fit all faces and a stack of signature team designs, welcome to 25 years of Dragon.

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Brand Spotlight: 686 Outerwear 2018/2019 Product Preview

686 Snowboarding Outerwear 2019 Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

The clothing innovations and partnerships that 686 presents each year are stunning. Their 2019 line is no let down either. They have collab creations with legendary metal band Motorhead, a coozie jacket with Coors Light and a ground-breaking Hydrastash jacket. Beyond snowboarding, they’ve come up with functional and high performance pieces for other outdoor pursuits, too. Their award-winning Gore-Tex Paclite jacket is the “jacket quiver killer” they claim and ready for any adventure.

See the video line preview here:

Their new Everywhere Pant is about the most comfortable pant that can go from backpacking to coffee shop. The new Hydrastash technology introduces a removable water bladder so you can stay hydrated on hill easier. Classics like the Smarty 3-in-1 layering system and Thermagraph insulation technology are still in the line. Take a peek at what 686 has in store for next season here.

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Brand Spotlight: Quiksilver 2018/2019 Product Preview

2019 Quiksilver Snowboarding Outerwear Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

Quiksilver has a legacy of supporting boardsports longer than most of us have been riding. From iconic roots in surfing to thirty plus years of mountainwear the brand, riders and designers have been at the heart of it. For the 2019 line Quiksilver focused on flexibility. Working closely with the pro team Quiksilver’s outerwear designers sought to put freedom of motion first by developing new fabrics and working them into their jackets and pants.

Watch the full video preview of the line here:

For Travis Rice’s signature jacket and pants the brand developed a new Mega-Stretch fabric with superior elastic qualities that still retain 30k waterproofing. Numerous other jackets in the line feature additional stretch fabrics and areas to enhance, not inhibit movement. Besides increasing mobility in many jackets, Quik worked on developing CELL technology lining. CELL tech is a unique lining system that uses body-mapped zones of varying breathability and warmth to better regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable. Don’t sleep on Quik’s clean and highly versatile layering pieces made to go from street to mountain and back either. To keep the generations of adventure going Quik implemented Repreve recycled fabrics throughout the collection along with WeaReSpinDye eco-friendly dyes, too.

Brand Spotlight: Never Summer’s Line of 2019 Snowboards

First Look: Never Summer Industries’ 2018/2019 Snowboard Collection

Never Summer has been handcrafting snowboards in Denver, Colorado decades before the snowsports industry descended on the mile high city. Their thirty-four years of board building expertise has led to quite possibly their most diverse line to date. Here’s a look at what they have in store for next season.

See the full video preview of the line here:

Two of the biggest pieces to note are pro models for team riders Chris Corning and Dylan Alito. Corning’s Shaper Twin board is new to the line and features an array of carbon fiber throughout and a fused twin tip and tapered shape. Alito’s Peacemaker board stands out as an all terrain destroyer with a West World-esque graphic, a melding of new and old worlds he sees as a Colorado Native. Never Summer also resurrected the iconic all-mountain Heritage board fresh with new materials and shaping. From the Proto II to the Maverix, the line has big mountain freeride guns, surfy carvers and performance park boards for all riders. Across the line you’ll continue to see Never Summer implementing the best raw materials on the planet with precision craftsmanship into each and every board. Check out the full video preview below, and browse some of our favorites from the line in the gallery above.

HYPED: Salomon 2018 Defender Snowboard Bindings

HYPED: Salomon 2018 Defender Snowboard Bindings
MSRP: $280.00

A comfortable custom fit with responsive design and Salomon’s famous ShadowFit Technology, it doesn’t get much better than the brand new 2018 Defender Snowboard Bindings. For everyone from experts to amateurs,Salomon has always delivered top of the line gear, and the latest line of Defender’s is no different. In two possible colorways, be as loud or as sleek as you’d like while charging down the mountain knowing you have the support you need under your feet.

Product details from EVO:


Responsive Flex – Stiffer flexing bindings are geared more towards advanced riders looking for more precision control at high speeds; whether it be in the park, pipe, or anywhere on the mountain.


ShadowFit Baseplate – 3-piece baseplate featuring a unique flexible heel loop and completely anatomical fit to provide intuitive mobility without sacrificing performance. The result is an ultra light binding that allows your whole kit to flex together.

Kevlar Quickwire – For maximum support and quick transmission of any movement.

Adjustable Toe Ramp – Super easy to handle adjustability for the best possible transmission on toe edge.

SCS + Full EVA Canted Footbed – SCS + Full EVA offers the highest level of shock absorption and precise energy transmission straight to your edges.

Universal Disc – Ultimate compatibility with all existing mounting systems on the market.

Integrated Mounting System (IMS) – IMS is Salomon’s patented technology that keeps your disc screws in place while adjusting your binding angle or swapping out boards. You’ll never drop a screw in the snow again.


Defender Highback


Shadow Strap – The new Shadow Strap is designed to offer a premium secure connection around your boot assuring a perfect fit, ultimate comfort and flex, direct energy transmission, and a lightweight construction.

Locked-Up Toe Strap – Ultimate envelopment for perfect boot hold and ultra lightweight and durable.

Micro Max Strap Adjustments – Fast and precise micro adjustments let you optimize the straps centering on your boot for maximum comfort and support.


Aluminum Buckles

MP Ratchets – Highest performing and quality ratchet found on all Shadow Fit bindings. Better tightening, less ladder damage, more power and precision with each click.

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Pro Setups: Style and Function with Blake Paul

As one of the most formative and proficient up-and-comers in freestyle snowboarding, you probably know Blake Paul by name at this point, but if you don’t, you certainly will after Vans’ new film Landline. drops this winter. Blake’s been going hard with the Vans crew, and his footage will support his hype. We decided to find out what gear he’s donning in front of the lens because there’s got to be a secret to that effortless style. –Tom Monterosso

Blake Paul // Pemberton, BC // PHOTO: Oli Gagnon

Height: 6′
Weight: 155 lbs.
Setback: 1.5″ setback
Angles: 18/-3
Boards: GNU Hyperkyarve 158 for pow, Riders Choice 157.5 for the resort, Space Case 156 for park
Boot: Vans Verse, size 9.5
Binding: Bent Metal Transfer, size medium
Jacket: The North Face Purist Triclimate
Pant: The North Face Strait Six
Goggle: Dragon NFX 2, Blake Paul Edition
Glove: The North Face II Solo
Midlayer: The North Face Respirator Zip
Shoe: Vans Sk8-Hi MTE and Old Skool Pro, size 9.5
Accessories: Bluebird wax, Drink Water insulated bottle, Salt and Stone sunscreen

Blake Paul // Revelstoke, BC // PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

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686 Hydrastash: Review and Backstory

Photos: Erik Hoffman

After testing 686’s new integrated hydration system, we sat down with the man behind the technology.

During a visit to the 686 office this summer, the crew there hinted at some new technology to come. They wouldn’t say much, just that we’d hear soon. What they were keeping under wraps until last week is called Hydrastash, and it places a water bladder–what is commonly referred to by its proprietary eponym as a Camelbak–in the powderskirt of your jacket, with a hose running parallel to the front zipper up to the collar of the jacket, where the mouthpiece sits. With an invite to test the technology, we showed up at Copper Mountain to a few fresh inches on the ground. There, we met up with the 686 crew: Brent Sandor, Pat McCarthy, Erik Hoffman, Michi Bretz, Sammy Luebke, and your favorite snowboarder’s favorite skier, Parker White. Water stashed and jackets loaded with pocket snacks, we wasted no time finding pockets to slash.

What is immediately noticeable about Hydrastash, as soon as you fill the bladder and fasten the powder skirt, is how unnoticeable it is. This was the pinnacle goal in the jacket’s design but something that took time to develop. A lot of time.

Water comes from clouds, then it freezes, and a well-hydrated Sammy Luebke turns it back into a cloud.

The story:
After drinking water all day, it was easy to justify a couple beers. So we sat down with the man who has put more into this tech than anyone, 686 Directory of Product Innovation, Michi Bretz, to discuss the tedious process that created Hydrastash over some Colorado Kool-Aid.

According to Michi, the Hydrastash story begins like most of 686’s innovations, with the brand’s founder, Mike West. “Mike really wanting to do something outside of the box,” says Bretz. “It’s so cool when you can bring your water without a backpack, so wanted to make that happen via a jacket. But it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. We had to redesign every component of a bladder system to make that happen.”

The primary problem faced in Hydrastash’s design lies in previously existing bladder technology. Bretz explains, “All the hardware out there commonly used for backpacks is simply too big. You would feel it.” This goes back to the goal: for the rider not to feel Hydrastash. “You would have hard pieces that could hurt you when you crash, so basically we looked into it and came up with the first prototypes.”

The bladder fastens into the powder skirt. It can also be easily removed.

And at this point, we’re talking about big picture concepts–figuring out the most efficient carrying system for the water. “After doing the first prototypes and figuring out that the concept itself of having it in a jacket is rad, we realized two things: we needed to find a way to do this without giving the user another task and that that you don’t want that weight to move around,” says Bretz. “With a vest configuration, for example, the weight swings. After trying all different placements and configurations, we realized that a powder skirt is something you already fasten like a belt. and it holds the bladder in place.”

Bretz explains that a bulk of the challenge from this point forward was in how to integrate the system cleanly–a task more difficult than it sounds. This is where the most impressive part of the story begins. Bretz says he went through nearly 50 prototypes in the process of finding one that is both unnoticeable and efficient.

Luebke lays into his edge with water around his waist.

“Looking at the backpack systems, one thing we realized is that the hoses are very stiff–they typically use a hose around 10 millimeters. But in their bite valve, there’s a small cross section there’s a section that doesn’t allow same amount of water through that would actually be able to pass through the hose.” Essentially there is a bottleneck here. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as they say.

Bretz continues, “We realized that if we made everything that diameter it would actually provide the same amount of flow, so we started redesigning the whole system around the smallest diameter in the big systems, which was like a four millimeter diameter. In a backpack it doesn’t really matter how big the hose is,” he explains. “Maybe some people even want it bigger so it’s easier to grab onto, but we were looking at a next-to-body solution, so we wanted it to disappear completely into the background of the user’s mind.

The four-millimeter hose is less than half the size of that used in a typical bladder system and noticeably unnoticeable.

So where did they ultimately find the right diameter line? A bar. “The tube we ended up using is what’s usually used in bar tap systems. That’s where that diameter tube comes from: a beer tap line,” says Bretz. “It’s a quarter-inch diameter hose. It’s FDA food grade. But those hoses aren’t usually clear, and we wanted this one to be clear so you could see if there was any obstruction or residue left in there.

But the problem didn’t stop here. The bite valve is the component a user puts in their mouth to drink from, and that had to be rethought as well. “The trickiest part was getting the same amount of water through a valve that is only half the size. I started cutting it in half. That didn’t work,” says Bretz. “The bite valve is the limiter in a typical system. We had to make it smaller yet maintain the same water flow rate. The bite valve is one of the two components that we’re patenting on the whole thing because it’s a completely different solution from anything else that’s out there.”

It’s in there, but you can’t see it.

The bottom line:
Does Hydrastash work? Yes. If you’ve ever been thirsty on-hill or carried a backpack to mitigate this problem, you can appreciate Hydrastash. The system carries 25 ounces of water, the equivalent of midsize water bottle, and the result is less necessity to stop at the lodge. If you load up on pocket snacks, the midday lunchbreak, which can be expensive and lethargy-inducing, is no longer a critical component of a day at the mountain, which translates to more time snowboarding.

Sammy Luebke on the chairlift, not in the lodge.

There is no downside to hydration; the only potential negative is lugging water to facilitate it. What 686 has created with Hydrastash, however, is a system that allows the user to forget they have the ability to hydrate until thirst strikes. And if you don’t want the bladder in the jacket? It’s easily removable so the jacket functions like any traditional model without an integrated hydration system. Currently, Hydrastash will be offered in one jacket for the 2018/19 season, with an option for both men and women–an insulated, 20K option. In the future, we’d like to see Hydrastash available on a wider spectrum of outerwear options, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the technology licensed out beyond the snow space. The more people drinking water, the better, right?

Collected: High-Tech Snowboarding Gadgets

Technology is a ubiquitous aspect of modern society, and better, faster, stronger, more intuitive products are introduced continuously with the ability to aid on-mountain pursuits. Here’s a selection of tech-forward gear to keep you tuned in and turned up. – Heather Hendricks

PHOTOS| Mike Yoshida

Smith Code Helmet MIPS $180

Sleek design, seamless integration, and ease of use are earmarks of a good technical piece. The Code embodies it all. New to Smith’s line, this brain bucket comes equipped with MIPS protection and AirEvac technology for goggle integration. The Wayfinder strap has a simple Fidlock® system so you can take it on and off with one hand, and Boa FS 360 provides a customized fit with a few spins of the dial. Protect your noggin so you can use these other items.

Nixon Mission $400

Remember when a watch’s only function was to tick away the seconds in a day? Personal timepieces have come miles since then and are now able to order an Uber, email your boss, and provide the current snow report. Nixon’s Mission stands out among smartwatches with burly construction and waterproofing to withstand snowy missions or impromptu hot tub poaching. Know where the snow is, and get there before it’s tracked.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel $100

When your battery’s in the red, this handy on-the-go solar panel can help you recharge. It’s intuitive and can charge your cellphone, speaker, flashlight or other small electronic device when there’s no outlet in sight. Lightweight and mellow to travel with, it’s perfect for days in the backcountry, or shoveling a spot. Just set up under the sun and it will start accumulating reusable power.

Burton Switchup Backpack $180

When hopping a flight to catch the next storm or weaving your way through the workweek, this satchel from Burton is versatile and can easily organize your laptop, tablet, toiletries, two days of clothes and meets airlines carry-on size limits. Tooled to conceal all your necessary items, it features a three-way carry system with a removable shoulder strap, stowable backpack straps, and a study handle.

Skullcandy Barricade XL $130

Skullcandy’s Barricade XL is built to bring music anywhere, be it bumping tunes in your backyard or in the backcountry. It’s constructed with impact resistant materials, its ten-hour battery can pick up Bluetooth signals from a 33-foot radius, and it’s buoyant and fully waterproof. Go ahead; set it right in the snow. And we can attest, the bass from this things booms.

Black Eye HD Combo $60 (HD Wide Angle Lens pictured)

Elevate your phone photography game with these lenses from Black Eye. The combo pack comes with two–HD Macro and HD Wide Angle–which are designed to work with most smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. The wide angle pictured is a 160-degree wide lens ideal for action and landscapes, maybe even a selfie. The macro is built for close-ups, and with 15x zoom, you capture detail on tiny subjects.


With this handheld grip, some practice, and a few buddies willing to do some follow-cam-worthy shit, you too can become a gimbal god. Offering incredible video stabilization, the Karma will blow your mind with smooth capture capabilities and ease of use. Compatible with the GoPro HERO5 Black or HERO4, with harness, this device will take your edits to the next level with each and every use.

GoPro HERO5 BLACK $400

The best POV camera available? With stunning 4K video and photo, voice control, touchscreen display, waterproof design, and more, it’s easy to make the case for the latest offering camera from GoPro. From pow turns to park laps, hot tubs to hiking–all the moments in life you want to remember, this pocket-sized piece can capture.

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HYPED: Burton Concord BOA Snowboard Boots

HYPED: Burton Concord BOA Snowboard Boots
MSRP: $330.00

Medium flex for a smooth and comfortable experience in all types of terrain, the Concord BOA is one of the top in the market. With a dual-zone Boa Lacing system and heat moldable Imprint™ 3 Liner, slipping your foot into these bad boys couldn’t be any easier. For all levels of riding, the Burton Concord BOA is a go-to whether it is a long cold day on your feet or sending it through the park in slush and sun for just a few hours. Check out all the specs below and click the link to pick up your own pair now!

Product details from EVO:


Medium Flex – A balance of quick edge engagement and a more forgiving, playful feel. Great for all-around riders.

Wishbone Upper Cuff – The Wishbone Cuff defies convention, combining power and freedom into one. Picking up where the Crossbone Cuff left off, it features Jumper Cables on both the medial and lateral sides for twice the snap, rebound, and life without sacrificing the high tweakability of a softer boot.

Flex Notches – These strategically placed notches minimize shell distortion and allow for smoother, more fluid toe and heel flex.


Total Comfort Construction – Get an instantly broken-in feel right out of the box. Total Comfort’s industry-exclusive construction eliminates the break-in period for a fit that feels just as good from day 1 to day 100.

1:1 Medium Flex PowerUP Tongue – Burton offers 1:1 lasting on every boot. It means every half and full size shell, tongue, and out sole offer a precise fit that is not as common as one would think. Drop your loot on a Burton boot and you won’t be stuck with the slop of a mismatched shell and liner. PowerUP tongues feature additional dual-density material for rebound and durability.

GripLITE Backstay – Creates a snug interface between the boot and the highback. Made of rubber, the Backstay also shaves weight off the boot. The result is a more direct energy transfer from boot to binding to board for reduced rider fatigue.


Imprint™ 3 Liner – DryRIDE Heat Cycle™ Lining | Focus Cuff Heel Hold System with Velcro® J-Bar Interface and Inner Lace Lock | Plush Cuff 1.0 (women’s only) | Lightweight Power Panels | Velcro® Liner Closure | Level 2 Molded EVA Footbed with ESS Support Shank and Aegis™ Antimicrobial Coating | Heat-Moldable

DryRide Heat Cycle™ Lining – Warmth and wicking are two key traits for on-snow comfort. Burton’s breathable inner-lining technology utilizes interwoven thermally activated carbon thread to capture, radiate, and reflect body heat inward to keep feet warmer while also wicking heat-robbing moisture outward. Look for varying amounts and performance level of each liner.

Focus Cuff – Boosting heel-hold by hugging that sweet spot around your ankle, the Focus Cuff rides slightly higher on your ankle than the Lock-UP Cuff for increased response.

Velcro® J-Bar Interface – In the heel pocket of the inner cuff for added support.

Inner Lace Lock – Quick’lock design keeps your heels locked down all day. Exiting’s a cinch with the one’handed release tab.

Lightweight Power Panels – To ensure a consistent flex from day 1 to 100, Burton Imprint™ and Life liners feature strategically placed Power Panels that, even after being deeply flexed, return to their original position.

Aegis™ Antimicrobial Coating – Antimicrobial coating on the lining of the boot fabric keeps your boots from creating their own mini-ecosystem of stink by preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Heat-Moldable – Burton’s Imprint™ liners can be ridden right out of the box. For a custom fit head to your local snowboard shop to use Burton’s EMU heat-molding system.


Dual Zone Boa® Coiler™ Closure System – Quick, easy, and effective lace adjustment is only a dial away with the trusted dependability of the Boa® Coiler™ brand closure system. Available in single and dual zone setups, the system quickly loosens or tightens with simple twists of the Boa® dial.

Exclusive New England Rope Laces – American-made, natural fiber ropes power Burton’s Speed Zone™ systems. Virtually indestructible, New England Ropes’ laces are the same stuff used by stunt men, firefighters, and rescue teams.


Level 2 Molded EVA Footbed – EVA Footbeds are lightweight, long-lasting, and absorb shock.

ESS Support Shank – This is an added support feature to help soften hard landings.


DynoBITE EST® Outsole – Features strategically placed rubber patches for extra traction and durability at the forefoot and heel. Like every Burton Dyno outsole, you’re provided lightweight, durable cushioning that’s formulated specifically for snowboarding. 10-15% recycled rubber content depending on model treads lighter on the planet, too.

Strategically Placed Rubber Traction Pads

ReBounce Cushioning – This Burton’exclusive brings cushioning closer to your foot than ever before by placing it within the shell of the boot for an added layer of impact protection that sits directly below your foot. Added warmth and consistent performance in cold temperatures is achieved by wrapping it in a heat’reflective material that keeps the cushioning soft and effective.

EST® Optimized – EST® goes beyond bindings by drawing inspiration from the surf/skate heritage of snowboarding and giving you a more direct connection to your board. By eliminating the ramp angle of your outsole, EST lowers your center of gravity, improves board feel, and creates a more surf/skate-like feel. All without sacrificing an ounce of cushioning thanks to ultra-dampening ReBounce and B3 Gel Inserts.

Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil – This low-profile and lightweight underfoot technology reflects heat back to the feet, improving both warmth and comfort when faced with cold conditions.

Shrinkage™ Footprint Reduction Technology – You know what they say about guys with big feet, right? Big socks. Shrinkage™ reduces the boot’s overall footprint one full size, meaning a men’s size 10 fits like a size 10, but has the footprint of a typical size 9. Shorter, lighter, sleeker — never suffer from toe drag again.


Snow-Proof Internal Gusset – All Burton boot tongues feature an internal gusset construction to completely seal the lower zone of the boot, keeping your feet warm and dry.

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GNU MÜLLAIR: 2017-2018 Powder Board Lookbook


Featuring a wide nose and tapered tail, this deck has a preference for the deep and steep, and its hybrid, primarily cambered profile provides snap and security.

MSRP: $$600.00
Available sizes: 152, 155, 159, 159W, 161, 161W
Flex Scale: Medium-Firm
Shape: Directional All-Terrain Freestyle / Freeride Power
Core: Aspen / Columbian Gold / Paulownia Alloy – Balanced, lighter, sustainable, FSC-certified, strong and poppy.

Check out the full specs from GNU Snowboards here!


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Top 10 Most-Searched Women’s of Gear 2017

Most Searched Women’s Snowboard Gear 2017 – Top 10

Hey ladies and dudes checking out what women were into this season– Here’s a list of 10 gear features that have been most-searched this past year on TWSNOW.com

Looking for a new set-up, quality gear, or need ideas on some of the best women’s snowboard gear on offer? This is a great place to start.

1. Salomon Gypsy

A Good Wood winner in the Park divison, female rider’s loved its twin shape. It allows for easy to navigate shredding, and is easy to ride regular or switch.


2. Vans Ferra
Hybrid lacing system provides optimal customization. Photo: Mike Yoshida

3. Collected Women’s Gear

Workwear inspired pieces of gear for the ladies. Photo: Mike Yoshida


4. Smith Squad XL

Smith’s new Squad XL offers the same features and aesthetic of the brand’s popular Squad model in a larger package.


5. Union Legacy

Union’s Legacy has long been among a ladies favorite, and this year it snapped up Tested + Approved gold.


6. Nitro Victoria

Nitro’s Victoria snapped up Good Wood gold in the Women’s All-Mountain Category because our testers couldn’t get enough of its power and predictability.


7. Gnu Klassy 

“Best board of the day!” One tester was completely in love with GNU’s Klassy after just a few runs.


8. Burton Lexa

A staple in Burton’s line, the Lexa snapped up a Tested + Approved stamp of approval.


9. Capita Space Metal Fantasy

Capita’s Space Metal Fantasy is one of the winningest Women’s Good Wood boards and comes in at a tasty price.


10. DC Mora

The DC Mora reigned supreme as a tester’s favorite freestyle boot this year.


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K2 Simple Pleasures: 2017-2018 Powder Board Lookbook

K2 Simple Pleasures
With a 19mm setback stance, a mild notch swallowtail, and short-n-wide profile, this deck is a powder pillager. Underfoot camber with slight rocker in the tip and tail make for a powerful ride.

MSRP: $650.00
Available sizes: 154, 158

Check out the full specs from K2 Snowboards here!

Tim Eddy enjoying the K2 Simple Pleasures in the wild. PHOTO: Colton Jacobs

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Hyped : Dakine’s Team Fillmore Mitt with Louif Paradis

Hyped: Dakine’s Team Fillmore Mitt
MSRP: $55

If if it good enough for our Rider of the Year, Louif Paradis, then it will be great for anyone else!

The Team Fillmore Mitt, designed with Louif Paradis, is functional, durable, and has a subtle style fit for a rail king. The water repellent leather palm, knuckle, and finger panels add durability to the nylon and poly shell. The DK Dry™ waterproof insert keeps moisture out, while high loft synthetic insulation keeps body heat in. Attached nose wipe panels and touchscreen compatibility mean less time spent with your mitts off.

–2 Year Limited Warranty
–Insert: DK Dry™ waterproof
–Insulation: High loft synthetic [ 60 / 170g ]
–Palm: Durable water repellent leather
–Shell: Nylon / Poly with DWR treatment
–Lining: 300g fleece

While some brands have missed the mark, Dakine has risen to the task and has created quality gloves and mitts that are comfortable, functional and good in every condition.

“I chose the Fillmore because it’s my everyday to-go mitt. It’s just the perfect size to be active all day long in the cold. I went for the Mission Pack for the same reasons – it’s simple but yet has all the features you need for a long day out there. The inspiration for the design and colors was a mix between lumberjack gloves, scout and park ranger equipment from the old days.” – Louif Paradis.

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Salomon Sick Stick: 2017-2018 Powder Board Lookbook

This tapered twin is tooled for slaughtering the deep stuff, and remains stable thanks to its hybrid profile. Flat in the center with camber at the inserts and rocker underfoot, it promotes a fun ride for fluffy days.

Riders that ride this board: Wolfgang Nyvelt, Nils Mindnich, Harrison Gordon

MSRP: $650

Available sizes 151, 157, 162
Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Shape:Directional Twin
Flex Rating:Stiff
Binding Mount Pattern:2×4
Core/Laminates:Bamboo, Wood

Nils Mindnich — Photo: Ben Girardi

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HYPED: Dragon’s X2s Gigi Rüf Signature Goggle

X2s Gigi Rüf Signature
MSRP: $220

The X2s goggle, straight of of Gigi Rüf’s kit, is form and function incarnate. With a Swiftlock lens changing system makes Gigi can swap out one high quality tested lens for another, no matter what condition he finds himself in. Coupled with Lumalens® color for contrast and clarity, 100% UV Protection, a Super Anti-Fog coating and an extra lens, the X2s Gigi Rüf Signature can be the go to all season long.

Check out a pair of the X2s Gigi Rüf Signature Goggle here!

Gigi Rüf. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

Additional features:
•Swiftlock Lens Changing System
•Patented Frameless Technology
•Optically Correct Injection Molded Spherical Lens
•Expanded Lumalens® color optimized lens lineup
•Armored Venting
•200% Stronger Super Anti Fog coating
•100% UV Protection
•Triple Layer Face Foam with Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining
•Silicone Strap Backing
•Helmet Compatible

Get a pair of the X2s Gigi Rüf Signature Goggle here!

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Collected: Snowboarding Products Built To Last

Collected: Built To Last

Styles in snowboarding come and go like storms, but gear’s not cheap, so when you drop in on something you want it to be well-made and crafted to last. We’ve rounded up a selection of products designed for the long haul, that will look as good next season as they do this one, regardless of which way the winds are blowing.WORDS by Heather Hendricks, PHOTOS by Mike Yoshida.

[ 1 ] Union Force ($229)

Through its longstanding no-nonsense approach and straightforward aesthetic, the Force has become the flagship in Union’s line. It’s a sturdy staple built to last. This workhorse binding offers a lifetime warranty on the baseplate, paired with minimally stitched straps and simple, rugged highbacks. There’s a reason you see this binding at every mountain, mounted to every type of snowboard.

Oneill JAcket

[ 2 ] O’Neill Decode Hybrid ($180)

This street-inspired jacket features 10K waterproofing and breathability, critically taped seams, medium insulation, underarm vents, and zippers hidden by secure snaps. The style is available in a wider range of colorways subtle enough to wear off-hill. Whether you’re riding the resort, riding the streets, or just walking down the street, the Decode works.

Arbor Clovis

[ 3 ] Arbor Clovis ($500)

Designed with mountain man Mark Carter, the Clovis’ shape is inspired by an arrowhead. Its topsheet is made of black walnut, and the pointy nose is scooped to plow pow quickly and methodically. Parabolic camber lessens the amount of pressure at the already raised contact points, making for a catch-free ride that knows how to freeride.

Burton Free Range

[ 4 ] Burton Free Range ($90)

Ready for rugged missions, the classic styling on these burly gloves is timeless but packed with tech. The leather shell and palm boast Burton’s exclusive DRYRIDE Membrane 2.0 for maximum warmth and waterproofing, and touch-screen sensitive material on the thumb and index finger lets you get digits on your device without possible frostbite.

686 Cosmic Overalls

[ 5 ] 686 Cosmic Overall Up ($230)

Designed with the artful eye of Forest Bailey, these hardy bibs highlight Forest’s style and laidback yet hardworking nature. Dual-layer fabric in the knees and thighs reinforce strength and longevity. Easily adjustable shoulder straps and a removable belt with Forest’s art keep the fit customizable and comfortable. There’s even a zip-down chest tray to aid all your rolling needs.

Never Summer West SNOWBOARD

[ 6 ] Never Summer West ($570)

Agile, yet powerful, the West is an animal that can roam all terrain with ease. Featuring a directional twin shape, the hybrid camber profile puts rocker in the center and enhanced cambered areas underfoot through the contact points, and its medium-flex is comfortable sending airs in the park, edging steeps, and slashing pow. This versatile board also comes in a wide model for big-footed boys.

Adidas Samba ADV

[ 7 ] Adidas Samba ADV ($260)

Much like the iconic shoe by the same name, the Samba boot has become a reliable staple. Without any unnecessary frills, the Samba is ideal for those who prefer a mid-soft boot that allows natural movement and maximum board-feel. Its Continental rubber sole and newly added cuff articulation will hold up through multiple seasons of lapping park and laying soul carves.

Dakine Clark Vest

[ 8 ] Dakine Clark Vest ($68)

This workwear-style vest is durable and versatile. Its canvas is rugged but not rigid, and the light insulation makes it ideal on its own in cool weather or as an additional insulator when it gets cold. Zippered front pockets can hold small essentials, and a “party pocket” on the back keeps your beer upright and your hands free.
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