sequence_01 – Strange Brew

Keenan Cawley, Jacob Krugmire, Johnny Brady, and a whole lot more take to Boreal in their own distinct styles.

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Dirty Pimp Whips High Cascade into Shape

Dirty Pimps gotta’ have their fun too. The Japanese procurers of style just whacked the shred world with the back of their hands, doing some real damage to the High Cascade park. Ryoki Ogawa, 34 Miyon, and Masato Toda stacked clips with Tommy Gesme, Jacob Krugmire, Austin Hironaka, Scott Blum, Dillon Ojo, and Louif Paradis.

Video by Yutaro Hirakami.

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Dirty Pimp – Summer at Hood

Show up for Ryoki and Masato, stay for Krugmire and Gesme.

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The Summer Snowboard Movie 2017: Part 4

Jacob Krugmire, Alex Sherman, Jake Kuzyk, Cooper Whittier, Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Miles Fallon, Freddy Perry, and Austin Smith shred High Cascade Snowboard Camp for part 4 of The Summer Snowboard Movie.

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