Anna Gasser Takes Gold Over Jamie Anderson in 2018 Winter Olympic Big Air Final

With best two-out-of-three scoring, Anna Gasser dropped for her third-and-final run sitting in the silver medal position. After landing a flawless backside double cork 1080 and waiting for an eventual 96.00 to flash across the scoring screen, she officially overtook Jamie Anderson, who had been leading the whole time, for the first ever gold awarded in Snowboard Big Air on the Olympic stage. Jamie Anderson did all that she could to stay in the lead until the final rider on the day, Gasser, put together a combined score of 185.00, which was over seven points higher than her total of 177.25.

New Zealand’s young rider, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, had a strong showing on the day ending up with a bronze along the two freestyle giants. For the first ever Olympic Big Air final, we’d say it was quite the story, filled with progression, drama, and another third-and-final drop winner. Check back soon for more coverage from the 2018 Winter Olympics right here on TransWorld SNOWboarding!

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Where and When To Watch Snowboarding Big Air at 2018 Winter Olympics

Big Air snowboarding will make its Olympic debut in the 2018 Winter Olympics on Monday, February 19 in PyeongChang, South Korea. With big names like Mark McMorris, Jamie Anderson, Marcus Kleveland, Anna Gasser, Sebbe De Buck, Stale Sandbech and many more, you won’t want to miss this event. Starting with the women, US Team riders Jamie Anderson, Hailey Langland, Julia Marino, and Jessika Jenson will try to advance to the first ever finals come Monday, with the men (US Team riders to watch: Red Gerard, Kyle Mack, Ryan Stassel, and Chris Corning) following up with their qualifiers on Tuesday. Check the below schedule (all times ET) for streaming and TV times so you don’t miss any of the action.

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The Olympic debut of Big Air snowboarding will be held at the Alpensia Ski Resort. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Monday, February 19th

Women’s Big Air Qualifiers
12:30am-2:00am (Live) NBC

Tuesday, February 20th

Men’s Big Air Qualifiers
8:00pm-12:00am (Live) NBC

Thursday, February 22nd

Women’s Big Air Finals (Live)
8:00pm-12:00am NBC

Friday, February 23rd

Men’s Big Air Finals (Live)
8:00pm-11:35pm NBC

Men’s Snowboarding Giant Slalom Final (Live)
11:35pm-1:00am +1 NBC

Sunday, February 25th

Closing Ceremony (Live)
8:00pm-12:00am NBC

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Jamie Anderson’s Gold Medal Winning Run from the 2018 Olympic Women’s Snowboarding Slopestyle Finals

After talks of postponing the event went on in the riders tent all morning, Jamie Anderson earned herself not only a victory run in South Korea, but a gold medal to go along with it. Under tough conditions Monday afternoon in PyeongChang at the women’s snowboard slopestyle final of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Anderson went back-to-back from her win in Sochi, keeping her title as the only woman to hold Olympic gold in snowboarding slopestyle. Canada’s Laurie Blouin and Finland’s Enni Rukajarvi rounded out the podium respectively with silver and bronze.

Constantly changing wind conditions were a major story on the day, throwing the women off their lines and even causing big name riders like Aimee Fuller to opt out of hitting the full jump line, due to safety concern. Only five riders from the field of 25 completed a full run on their first attempt, and while that is not all due to wind, it was definitely on the mind of all the riders and media on site, bundled up as gusts touched down and visibly changed riders trajectory. Fuller, and other big name riders like Anna Gasser and bronze medalist Enni Rukajärvi criticized the decision to move forward.

Anderson’s winning run through the jumps–a backside 540, cab underflip and frontside 720–was not her best stuff from this season, but factoring in the weather, consistency proved key and she earned her gold after multiple delays in harsh conditions. Silje Norendal, along with Anderson’s fellow U.S. teammates Hailey Langland and Jessika Jenson sat just outside the podium after being able to put down 1 of their 2 runs on the day, just falling short of the scores they needed to medal. Some of the favorites coming into the final, including Julia Marino, Reira Iwabuchi, Spencer O’Brien, and Gasser, all failed to complete a full run.

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Jamie Anderson’s Winning Run From X Games 2018 Slopestyle Finals

Take a look at Jamie Anderson’s first place run!

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Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson Qualify First in Final U.S. Grand Prix Ahead of 2018 Winter Olympics

Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson are already locks for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that didn’t stop them from qualifying first in their heats for the 2018 Toyota U.S. Grand Prix Slopestyle Finals set for this Saturday…

Jamie Anderson. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

On a warm day in Central California, the final U.S. Olympic Qualifiers started ahead of schedule. Due to an approaching storm with rumors of 85+ mph wins settling into Mammoth Mountain tomorrow, the original scheduled day of the qualifier, the field of 21 men and 12 women threw their best stuff on the slopestyle course in hopes of competing on the 2018 Winter Olympic Team declared this weekend. Under partly cloudy skies, with the temperature hovering in the forties, USA riders in both the men and women’s field took all of the spots in this weekends finals except for one. Japanese rider Takura Otsuka was the lone rider to advance from outside the United States, scoring a 78.00 on his last run to just make it in to the field of ten men set to drop Saturday.

Chas Guldemond. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

The United States’ Red Gerard continued his winning ways from Aspen Snowmass this past weekend by qualifying first with a 94.75. After scoring low on his first run, which included a huge method on his final hit, Red recalculated and looked at ease as he sent it over the 70+ foot jumps and right into first place. Other notable standouts on the day include the young core of Hailey Langland, Ryan Stassel, Brock Crouch, Julia Marino, Ty Walker, Jessika Jenson and Chandler Hunt all qualifying to keep their Olympic hopes alive with a chance to podium this coming weekend.

Hailey Langland. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Lyon Farrell. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Full results below–

Mens Slopestyle Qualifier:

Women’s Slopestyle Qualifier:

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Spencer O’Brien Wins Women’s Slopestyle Final at 2017 Winter Dew Tour

Flat light and high scores was the story on the day for the top three finishers at the 2017 Dew Tour Women’s Slopestyle Final. Canadian Spencer O’Brien put down a 95.00 to top the highly competitive field with Jamie Anderson (93.33) and Enni Rukajarvi (92.00) right behind her. The top six were separated by less than ten points, leaving Hailey Langland, Silje Norendal and Julia Marino right off the podium. Check out Spencer’s winning run above, as well as the second and third from Jamie and Enni below, and check back soon for more Dew Tour coverage right here on TransWorld SNOWboarding.

Jamie Anderon: 93.33

Enni Rukajarvi: 92.00

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Big Lines with Jamie Anderson and Sarka Pancochova at Cardrona

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One Line with Jamie Anderson and Sarka Pancochova

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Jamie Anderson Lands Cab Double Underflip and Wins World Cup Stop in New Zealand

Jamie Anderson scores a 85.78 to win the first World Cup slopestyle event of the 2017-2018 season.

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Jamie Anderson Lands Cab Double Underflip and Wins World Cup Event in New Zealand

Jamie Anderson completes a three-peat at the Winter Games NZ after taking the top spot in the opening event of the 2017-2018 world cup season for slopestyle snowboarding. Held at the Cardrona Alpine Ski Resort in New Zealand on Monday, Anderson bested a field on a creative new course that will hopefully set the tone for the upcoming world cup season. Japan’s Miyabi Onitsuka and New Zealand’s Zoi Synnott rounded out the podium, while women slopestyle heavyweights Spencer O’ Brien, Silje Norendal, and Hailey Langland all failed to place but landed in the top ten. Along with the win, Jamie Anderson landed her first cab double underflip in competition, marking a great start for a season with the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang on the horizon.

Full results below:

1- Jamie ANDERSON 85.78
2- Miyabi ONITSUKA 79.96
3- Zoi SYNNOTT 74.76
4- Reira IWABUCHI 70.56
5- Katie ORMEROD 55.36
6- Spencer O BRIEN 50.80
7- Silje NORENDAL 41.18
8- Sofya FEDOROVA 34.45
9- Laurie BLOUIN 33.21
10- Hailey LANGLAND 24.41

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Arcadia Transworld Snowboarding
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U.S. Snowboarding Trains At Mammoth Mountain – Screamin’ Eagles Ep. 6

The 2018 Winter Olympics are right around the corner and the U.S. Team took advantage of the snow in June and early July as they lapped Mammoth Mountain and laid out new tricks. Along with the Progression AirBag, a handful of jibs and jumps were pushed together under Chair 5 for the training session. Jamie Anderson, Red Gerard, Chris Corning, Lyon Farrell, Judd Henkes, Kyle Mack, Brock Crouch, Karly Shorr, Julia Marino, Hailey Langland, Chandler Hunt, Eric Willett, Nik Baden, Eric Beauchemin, and Brandon Davis were all in attendance, along with Shaun White and Ben Ferguson in the pipe. Enjoy!

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Screamin’ Eagles: U.S. Snowboarding At Mammoth Mountain

Summer laps with Jamie Anderson, Red Gerard, Lyon Farrell, Judd Henkes, Kyle Mack, Brock Crouch, Julia Marino, Hailey Langland, Brandon Davis, and more!

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Have You Ever Smoked Weed on a Chairlift?

Well, have you? Find out which of your favorite pros take hits outside of the park.

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Mammoth Mountain Legends Of The Fall Line – Episode 6

Episode six of the “Legends of the Fall Line” series from Mammoth Mountain features Jamie Anderson, Eero Ettale, Stale Sandbech, Seb Toots, and more!

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Oakley Week at Mammoth 2017: Minipipes, Progression Parks, and Massive Jumps – The Oakley team descends on the Eastern Sierra.

Photos and recap from Seb Toots, Stale Sandbech, Eero Ettala, and more during the Oakley Week at Mammoth Mountain.

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