REDit 1: Olympic Gold Medalist Red Gerard at 9 Years Old

A day at Breckenridge with Olympic Slopestyle gold medalist Red Gerard, but there’s a catch. This was filmed eight years ago, and Red was merely nine years old. By watching him ride back then, anyone could tell snowboarding would take him places, but who knew it would be on set with Jimmy Kimmel?

Video by Colin Walters.

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Carlos Garcia Knight Tops Qualifying Heat For Men’s Big Air at 2018 Winter Olympics

Following Anna Gasser’s performance in the women’s qualifier earlier this week, Big Air debuted for the men as at the 2018 Winter Olympics under sunny skies and a large crowd. Canada’s Max Parrot lead the pack in the first heat with a score of 92.50 after landing a textbook frontside triple cork 1440, followed closely behind Niklas Mattson of Sweden and the USA’s Kyle Mack.

Mack chose a different route, going backside triple 1440 with a Japan grab that was easily one of our highlights from the whole Olympics. Rounding out the six to qualify from the first heat was USA’s Chris Corning, Switzerland’s Michael Schaerer, and the golden boy from slopestyle, Red Gerard.

For the second heat, the group of riders arguably threw down a bit harder with Carlos Garcia Knight scoring the highest on the day with a huge 97.50 on a massive switch backside 1620 on his second run. The lowest score advancing from the second heat was a 90.50 (posted by Billy Morgan), which was higher than 5 out of 6 qualifiers making it out of the first. Notably, one of the favorites to win it all, Marcus Kleveland, did not advance to the finals after he was unable to land a run on either of his two tries.

The lone Norwegian to advance to the finals will be Torgeir Bergrem, who posted a 94.25 on his first run and then proceeded to set the snowboarding world on fire with a switch back 540 method that despite its score, had everyone claiming the best drop of the night. Canadian heavyweights Mark McMorris and Seb Toots had strong showings to qualify, while their fellow countryman Tyler Nicholson just missed the finals by a point. If that was just the qualifiers, we can’t wait to see what goes down in finals. Full results below:

Heat 1 Qualifiers:
Max Parrot – 92.50
Niklas Mattsson – 90.00
Kyle Mack – 88.75
Chris Corning — 88.00
Michael Schaerer — 87.00
Red Gerard — 85.00

Heat 2 Qualifiers:
Carlos Garcia Knight — 97.50
Jonas Boesiger — 96.00
Mark McMorris — 95.75
Torgeir Bergrem — 94.25
Seb Toots — 91.00
Billy Morgan — 90.50

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Where and When To Watch Snowboarding Big Air at 2018 Winter Olympics

Big Air snowboarding will make its Olympic debut in the 2018 Winter Olympics on Monday, February 19 in PyeongChang, South Korea. With big names like Mark McMorris, Jamie Anderson, Marcus Kleveland, Anna Gasser, Sebbe De Buck, Stale Sandbech and many more, you won’t want to miss this event. Starting with the women, US Team riders Jamie Anderson, Hailey Langland, Julia Marino, and Jessika Jenson will try to advance to the first ever finals come Monday, with the men (US Team riders to watch: Red Gerard, Kyle Mack, Ryan Stassel, and Chris Corning) following up with their qualifiers on Tuesday. Check the below schedule (all times ET) for streaming and TV times so you don’t miss any of the action.

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The Olympic debut of Big Air snowboarding will be held at the Alpensia Ski Resort. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Monday, February 19th

Women’s Big Air Qualifiers
12:30am-2:00am (Live) NBC

Tuesday, February 20th

Men’s Big Air Qualifiers
8:00pm-12:00am (Live) NBC

Thursday, February 22nd

Women’s Big Air Finals (Live)
8:00pm-12:00am NBC

Friday, February 23rd

Men’s Big Air Finals (Live)
8:00pm-11:35pm NBC

Men’s Snowboarding Giant Slalom Final (Live)
11:35pm-1:00am +1 NBC

Sunday, February 25th

Closing Ceremony (Live)
8:00pm-12:00am NBC

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The Gold Medal Media Tour: Red Gerard on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

2018 Winter Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard sits down with Jimmy Kimmel, and of course we had to add in his clip with Silje Norendal.

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United States First Gold Medal Ceremony, 17-Year-Old Red Gerard at the 2018 Winter Olympics

The United States might not be currently first in the medal count, but they did just go back-to-back in men’s slopestyle. From it’s inception into The Games last time around, the United States holds the only two gold in the men’s category. Red Gerard followed up Sage Kotsenburg’s dramatic gold medal finish from the 2014 Games with quite the finish of his own here at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Dropping on his third and final run, and putting down his cleanest line on the day. Check out his winning run here!

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, but currently residing in Colorado, Gerard might be one of the youngest competitors out here, but he is sure handling the pressure with ease. Casually chatting with Mark McMorris and Max Parrot throughout the ceremony, Red’s life might have just changed, but his swagger hasn’t. Already doubling followers on Instagram, Red and his family are quickly becoming America’s new favorite crew. Between cheering for the riders that dropped after him that could have unseated his position, or bashfully accepting his gold in disbelief, Red’s win was not only an important story for the U.S. to rally behind, but it is a damn good thing for snowboarding. Easy style at such a young age, we couldn’t have asked for a better champion! Congrats Red!

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Red Gerard Strikes Gold, Wins Snowboarding Slopestyle at 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

On his third and final run, USA’s 17-year-old Red Gerard posted the highest score of the day to take home the gold for men’s snowboarding slopestyle at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Not only was he the youngest competitor in the field, but his accomplishment also marks the first gold medal for the United States in these PyeongChang games. Canada’s Max Parrot and Mark McMorris rounded out the podium with second and third respectively, bumping heavy favorite Stale Sandbech into fourth when it was all finished. Parrot and Red both posted their best runs of the day on their third and final, making it for quite the finish with the highest score not even breaking 90.

To a packed crowd at the bottom of the slope, fans from all the countries competing and more were going wild as the riders flew into eyesight on the last jump. Heavy hitters Marcus Kleveland, Tyler Nicholson, Torgeir Bergrem all put down runs but were not able to link them together clean enough to end up on the podium. With women’s slopestyle up next, as well as pipe finals set for later this week, check back soon for your 2018 Winter Olympic coverage right here on TransWorld SNOWboarding!

Full Results below:

1. Red Gerard
2. Max Parrot
3. Mark McMorris
4. Stale Sandbech
5. Carlos Garcia Knight
6. Marcus Kleveland
7. Tyler Nicholson
8. Torgeir Bergrem
9. Niklas Mattsson
10. Seppe Smits
11. Sebastien Toutant
12. Mons Roisland (Did not compete due to injury in practice.)

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Red Gerard’s 2018 Winter Olympic Season Highlights

Red Gerard is on his way to the 2018 Winter Olympics to compete for Team USA.

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Red Gerard’s Road to the 2018 Winter Olympics

Red Gerard has had a pretty busy season, but by the looks of his upcoming schedule, it has payed off. Earning a trip to the 2018 Winter Olympics as one of the American favorites to walk away with hardware, check out the park jumps around the world that prepped him for his Olympic debut. Filmed and edited by his older brother, Malachi Gerard.

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Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson Qualify First in Final U.S. Grand Prix Ahead of 2018 Winter Olympics

Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson are already locks for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that didn’t stop them from qualifying first in their heats for the 2018 Toyota U.S. Grand Prix Slopestyle Finals set for this Saturday…

Jamie Anderson. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

On a warm day in Central California, the final U.S. Olympic Qualifiers started ahead of schedule. Due to an approaching storm with rumors of 85+ mph wins settling into Mammoth Mountain tomorrow, the original scheduled day of the qualifier, the field of 21 men and 12 women threw their best stuff on the slopestyle course in hopes of competing on the 2018 Winter Olympic Team declared this weekend. Under partly cloudy skies, with the temperature hovering in the forties, USA riders in both the men and women’s field took all of the spots in this weekends finals except for one. Japanese rider Takura Otsuka was the lone rider to advance from outside the United States, scoring a 78.00 on his last run to just make it in to the field of ten men set to drop Saturday.

Chas Guldemond. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

The United States’ Red Gerard continued his winning ways from Aspen Snowmass this past weekend by qualifying first with a 94.75. After scoring low on his first run, which included a huge method on his final hit, Red recalculated and looked at ease as he sent it over the 70+ foot jumps and right into first place. Other notable standouts on the day include the young core of Hailey Langland, Ryan Stassel, Brock Crouch, Julia Marino, Ty Walker, Jessika Jenson and Chandler Hunt all qualifying to keep their Olympic hopes alive with a chance to podium this coming weekend.

Hailey Langland. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Lyon Farrell. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Full results below–

Mens Slopestyle Qualifier:

Women’s Slopestyle Qualifier:

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8 Riders Who Represent the Future: North Carolina’s Own Luke Winkelmann on the Olympics, Girlfriends, and Colorado

Originally published in the November 2017 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding, Luke Winkelmann’s interview is the fifth of eight conducted with up-and-coming riders over the course of a week in Aspen, Colorado in April 2017. Check out Red Gerard’s interview here!

Luke Winkelmann is original. He seems to draw inspiration from eclectic places, which is evident in multiple facets of the 16-year-old North Carolinian, from the way he dresses to the way he rides. His style could fit as well in a video part as it could in a contest run. If I were to predict a direction for Luke it would be more toward the former than the latter. However, seeing him continue down the competitive path would provide a refreshing aesthetic that contest snowboarding is in need of. At this point, he doesn’t seem much concerned with decisions of that nature, instead content to let his riding do the talking. — Taylor Boyd

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Where are you from?
I’m from North Carolina. There are like three resorts that are about an hour away, and I live five minutes from a small one.

Is that where Austin Leonard’s from?
Yeah, he was one of my super good homies. I used to ride with him a lot when I was younger, before he moved to Oregon. He rode my home resort.

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Where do you live now?
I still live in North Carolina, but I live in Summit County, Colorado, for like three months in the winter. But for sure most of my time is spent in North Carolina.

How old are you now, and how old were you when you started snowboarding?
I’m 16 now, and I started snowboarding when I was five.

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

How did you learn to ride bigger stuff being from North Carolina?
Well, I just rode in North Carolina for a while, then when I started getting better, I started doing the USASA contests on the East Coast, so I’d travel to places like Pennsylvania and do those. When I started winning some of those, I started doing Rev Tours, then a bunch of other shit.

So you pretty much learned to hit larger features while traveling to compete?
Yeah, basically. Going to other places that had bigger jumps than back home gave me experience with that stuff.

Luke Winkelmann, Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Judd Henkes, and Gabe Ferguson. // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Do you want to go to the Olympics?
I would like to try for it. Definitely not this one, but as far as the path goes, I’ll probably try to go for the next one. But we’ll see, I don’t know. Competing is wild.

Do you like competing?
Yeah, I do a lot. I mostly like hanging out with all my friends who are also competing.

Red Gerard, Luke Winkelmann, Brock Crouch, Lyon Farrell, and Gabe Ferguson. // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

So are you going to high school in North Carolina?
Yeah, I’m doing online school.

Is it hard having a girlfriend when you travel so much and you’re not in a normal high school?
It is. But I actually had a girlfriend last year. We used to go to school together.

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

[Mia Lambson interjects] What would you do to be able to date Jill Perkins? Anything?
Pretty much. Well, actually I am dating her so…

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Maybe an astronaut. No, I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll find my path though.

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Who’s your favorite snowboarder?
Right now, Nik Baden. Of all time, probably John Cardiel. I always watch his videos on YouTube. They’re so sick. I saw all his old Thrasher shit and just started trying to find more snowboard clips from him.

Do you have a favorite trick?
Favorite trick to would probably be a front one, stalled out with a tail grab. My favorite trick to watch is a back rodeo 7 with a nosegrab. I can’t do it, so I really like to watch it.

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

[Colin D. Watt interjects] You’re the tallest one out of the crew. Being the tallest, you see that much more cleavage than everyone else.
Yeah, that’s a good way to look at it.

Luke Winkelmann // Aspec, CO // PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

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The WKNDRS at Dew Tour – Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Nik Baden, and More

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Clique Copper—Red Gerard, Chandler Hunt, Blake Axelson, and Eazy Goebal

Red Gerard and clique dropping knowledge at Woodward Copper.

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8 Riders Who Represent the Future: Lyon Farrell, A Snowboarder from Hawaii

Originally published in the November 2017 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding, Lyon Farrell’s interview is the fourth of eight conducted with up-and-coming riders over the course of a week in Aspen, Colorado in April 2017. Check out Red Gerard’s interview here!

Aspen looks a bit different than Maui. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Lyon Farrell. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Lyon Farrell stands out. Not because he’s from Maui; you wouldn’t guess it. Not because he dresses wild; he doesn’t. And maybe that is, ironically, what is so noticeable about Lyon. He’s low-key. He carries himself with a level of maturity that would have you pin him at least five, maybe ten, years older than his 19. Lyon doesn’t seem concerned with trends or doing anything on the premise that it is what the crowd is doing. Most up-and-coming snowboarders didn’t grow up on Maui with a vert ramp in their backyard, but his whatever-it-takes tenacity and sun-up-to-sundown work ethic are undoubtedly doubt what have carried him from a tropical island to his place on the roster of snowboarding’s next defining generation.  — Taylor Boyd

Where are you from?

Maui, Hawaii.

You knew the “white wave” caption was coming up sometime. Well, here it is. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

How did you get good at snowboarding?

So basically, my dad was from New Zealand and during our summer breaks, we’d fly down and kind of turn this three-week holiday to visit our grandparents into a snowboard trip. I would go for those three weeks out of the year, and then when I was like 10, I spent six weeks living with my grandparents and taking the employee bus up the hill every day, and I’d ride from seven in the morning all the way until close. Then I went to Snow Park and bumped into this dude named Colin Bartlett. He said that he was going to be coaching kids in Colorado, and I thought that was a really cool idea but didn’t really think it was realistic.

Correction: How did you get REALLY GOOD at snowboarding? PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

So then what?

Somehow I convinced my mom to send me to Colorado. I still don’t know how. So we went out there for three weeks. All I could do was a backside 360, but I learned how to do all four 540s in those three weeks. My mom started talking to this guy Colin, and she was like, “So do you think he could actually do this?” And he encouraged her to let me start traveling with them, so I went from that three weeks, straight into a four month full season in New Zealand. I was 13, and I was living with 16 and 18-year olds like Mikey Ciccarelli, Tyler Nicholson, and those kids. Being able to ride with them every day, they were so much better than me, so I just picked up on some stuff and learned like three 7s or something in New Zealand.

And how did you meet this crew here?

I ended up spending more time in Colorado when I turned 14, so I started hanging out with Redmond and all the kids. That’s when I learned three 10s and just started progressing really quickly.

The cat’s pajamas. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Very mature for his age. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Wow, so things happened fast.

Oh yeah. After meeting all the American kids I got invited to The Launch at Mammoth when I was like 16, and then I got invited to Superpark the next year and it kind of all just happened. So crazy. It was all so fast; within two years I was sponsored, and it was crazy.

I would say ability on a skateboard, which you have, and had, is the biggest predictor of ability to snowboard well.

Yeah, skating was the biggest thing I think. I grew up skating my whole life, and all I wanted to do was be a pro skater. So I started skating a lot of vert, and that translated to halfpipe in snowboarding. It’s just so easy to relate. We had another house, and when my dad sold that house, he ended up building a vert ramp in our backyard. It was 10 feet–not true 12-foot vert–but still super fun.  So I just started skating that thing a shit ton.

Lyon Farrell taking his ramp skills to the snow. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

And where does Mike Ranquet come into the picture?

Yeah, so that’s how I met Mike Ranquet. I bumped into him at my local skatepark right after he got his hip replaced, and I just thought he was some old dude, and then his buddy Steve came up to me with him and was like, “Yo, I was wondering if Mike and I could come and skate your ramp.” I’d known Steve for a while, so I was like, “Sure.” Then he showed up and just started ripping. Absolutely ripping. My mom knew who he was because she snowboarded for a bit, and she recognized his name. He ended up becoming my skate coach, and we would do trips to California and do contests and stuff.

Lyon’s sweater says it all. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Wow. That’s a pretty funny scenario.

So funny. Out of all people! He used to tell me like, “Yeah, I was kind of a big deal back in the day,” and I was like, “Sure you were, buddy.” Then I realized how much of an impact he had on snowboarding. Kids would tell me “You don’t know anything!”

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Red Gerard – Arcadia Full Part – 48 Hour Exclusive

Enjoy the 48-hour exclusive leak of Red Gerards’s full part from TransWorld SNOWboarding’s latest movie Arcadia.

You might know Red Gerard from his competitive success, especially with the buzz centered around him and the group of up-and-comers looking to make a statement in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but this kid is by no means just hucking it for the hardware. Taking his monochromatic outfit and dynamic riding to the backcountry, Red found gold this past season filming in Montana, Tahoe and Aspen, without any judges in site. In-between watching his drops as he vies for a spot on the Olympic squad, enjoy his sophomore part with TransWorld SNOWboarding, and keep an eye out for whatever he does next.


Red Gerard // Cooke City, Montana // PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Buy the full movie on iTunes here or check it out on Vimeo here!

If you want to watch the part over and over again like we will once the 48-hour exclusive viewing is up, buy the full movie here, featuring Halldór Helgason, Alek Oestreng, BYND X MDLS, Victor Daviet, Jesse Paul, The Manboys, Jordan Small, Victor De Le Rue and Red Gerard.

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Tahoe Spring Edit – Red Gerard’s Extra Credit Ep. 3

Yellow on snow never looked so good. For the final episode of Red Gerard‘s Extra Credit web series, Red stays with his older brother, Brendan Gerard, in Tahoe for some spring boarding in the park, backcountry, and even over a springtime waterfall! Add in a guest appearance by Tim Humphreys, and you have quite the finale. Check out more videos from Red here!

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GGillz Loose Boardin – Heavy Copper Laps

Boarding at Copper with Grant Giller, Red Gerard, and Dash Kamp.

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Red Gerard’s Extra Credit Ep. 2 — Snowmass Park Session

Red Gerard‘s latest Extra Credit episode features Brock Crouch, Chandler Hunt, Gabe Ferguson, Luke Winkelmann, Lyon Farrell, Judd Henkes, Cody Warble and more at a private park shoot at Snowmass out in Colorado. It is a pretty insane crew to call best friends, as all of them are on the rise and making waves throughout the sport. This is probably not the first time you have seen their names, and it will definitely not be the last. For more from Red, check out his previous episode from Extra Credit here!

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Screamin’ Eagles at Mt. Hood – Olympics on the Mind – Episode 7 at Mt. Hood

Most likely the only national team in the world that would use a soulful r&b track in a promotional video, but that’s why snowboarding and the Screamin’ Eagles are tight. The gang heads to Mt. Hood for a week of bluebird days and serene sunsets, dialing moves that may or may not be seen in the 2018 Olympics.

Featuring Red Gerard, Chandler Hunt, Judd Henkes, Eric Beauchemin, Chris Corning, Karly Shorr, Chas Guldemond, and Benny Milam.

Film and edit by Drew Hastings.
Additional film and drone by Danny Kern.

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USA! USA! USA! Screamin’ Eagles at Mt. Hood

Team USA is looking A-OK.

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U.S. Snowboarding Trains At Mammoth Mountain – Screamin’ Eagles Ep. 6

The 2018 Winter Olympics are right around the corner and the U.S. Team took advantage of the snow in June and early July as they lapped Mammoth Mountain and laid out new tricks. Along with the Progression AirBag, a handful of jibs and jumps were pushed together under Chair 5 for the training session. Jamie Anderson, Red Gerard, Chris Corning, Lyon Farrell, Judd Henkes, Kyle Mack, Brock Crouch, Karly Shorr, Julia Marino, Hailey Langland, Chandler Hunt, Eric Willett, Nik Baden, Eric Beauchemin, and Brandon Davis were all in attendance, along with Shaun White and Ben Ferguson in the pipe. Enjoy!

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